DKS3713: Agito XIII playable on PSP, new character in FFXIII

Impressions of the Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII trailers are already hitting the web. It appears the new FF13 demo has featured an all new Sephiroth-like character. He was standing next to Nomchan (unofficial name).

In addition, it seems Square Enix has already worked quite a bit on Agito XIII since there was real-time PSP footage in the event (The PSP buttons were shown in the video).

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Dirty J3820d ago

I think i better get a PSP now for the full Fabula Nova Crystallis experience :P

sushipoop3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

You'll need a PS3 and a PSP to experience the full Fabula Nova Crystallis series. 360 just gets a multiple disc port of FFXIII lol. Versus looks WAYYYYYY better BTW. I read a description of the battle system and it plays like Kingdom Hearts 2 but way faster.

Ogrekiller3820d ago

be in psp section as well

B-Rein3820d ago

woohooo agito on psp YES!!!!!!!! now that good news, at last now i can play em all XD

gaffyh3820d ago

Square Enix seems to be supporting PSP a lot, Dissidia, Agito, Parasite Eve 3, Kingdom Hearts all coming to PSP. And really nothing new announced for PS3, just the XIII demo, oh well there's always tomorrow.

meepmoopmeep3820d ago

nice that it's playable on PSP

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MAiKU3820d ago

I do agree having the playstation family as part of the full Fabula Nova Crystallis experience. There might be a cross platform (ps3 via psp) exclusive function.

Secondly, WHY THE HELL is this in the ps3 news section? Agito is ps3.

fufotrufo3820d ago

love them bitter fans..versus is better why? There's nothing than a bunch of CGI trailers from both games

Expy3820d ago

Wrong, all 3 were shown "real-time" at the Square-Enix private show today (Playstation 3 and PSP).

ice_prophecy3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I like both for different reasons, and I am greatly anticipating what Agito has to offer.

So be Quiet you Fiend!

ice_prophecy3820d ago

Well my buy list for PSP so far is:

Agito, Dissidia, Parasite Eve, Monster Hunter 2nd G (when that comes out)

Oh goodie! My psp is gonna get used again! Now I can get rid of that homebrew crap!

Alexander Roy3820d ago

Is it just me, or did SE give Sony - especially the PSP - a lot of love on the first day of that event with the name I never can remember?

Parasite Eve 3
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
FFXIII demo coming (with AC:C, but who cares, the movie is awesome)

The only thing that sucks is the release time frame for XIII. If Japan gets it in '09, I (Europe, PS3) won't play it before 2010, earliest.

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