Gametrailers: Soul Calibur IV Review

It has Star Wars cameos, online play, and a ton of bonus content, but does the soul still burn?

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Rice4323d ago

Is 70 bucks worth it for this game...

byeGollum4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

you must be talking bout Euros ?. If So Then I Cant Answer Your Question Yet __ I Just Got The Game Too .. Its Alright So Far

Omegasyde4323d ago

This game gets repetitive quick. The single player expirience wears off quick in comparison to sc3. Despite Sc3 having a load-a-thon of a quest mode it was way better than the stupid tower idea.

You'd think that namco would do something innovative in a fighter by now instead of guest characters. also the online is ok, but I think any fighting game will fail online because of precise timing.Guard impacts are difficult online.

Is game worth 70? No IMHO unless you have alot of buddies who want to come over and run a will just piss you off.

Overr8ed4323d ago

I just posted this a long time ago!!! and nobody Approved it! This is BS, wow am pissed. ill get over it.

Megaton4323d ago

As a long-time Soul Calibur fan I was really hyped up about this game, even after facepalming over the announcement of Star Wars characters being thrown in, but I just don't know anymore. Despite the good scores it's getting, people who already own it keep telling me this game is gutted by comparison to the amount of stuff you could do in Soul Calibur III (my favorite of the series). My money is all tied up until mid August anyways, so I guess I have a couple weeks to decide.

Omegasyde4323d ago

its gots alot of mode but the modes are repetitive.

Story mode is arcade mode with ending.
Tower mode is either an endurance, or battle after battle load battle load battle....

So the single player isn't any better.