Review - Until Dawn Is A Must Buy For Every PS4 Owner : Paradiger

Until Dawn is a must buy for every PS4 owner. Read the review from Paradiger.

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uth111324d ago

I'm enjoying it, but I find it more hilarious than scary so far :) (on Chapter 5)

Travis37081323d ago

Glad to see so many great scores!!!

That's how you know this game is great!
Way to many reviews, Only bad one i've seen is from IGN.

psplova1323d ago

Glad I bought it, that's for sure..

Tctczach1323d ago

I guessed most of it right from the beginning. There was a twist I never expected though. Great game.

VER1ON1323d ago

Such great value. Amazing job by Supermassive

triple_c1323d ago

This game has been getting lots of good reviews. It's also been getting some 10 out of 10's from lots of sites yet I don't see those reviews counted on Metacritic. Matter of fact, there's not one 10/10 review of this game counted on Metacritic. Why are so many of the positive reviews that this game is getting being ignored and not being counted on Metacritic yet reviews from sites that nobodies even heard of like and are being counted?

MartinB1051323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Which websites are giving Until Dawn 10/10? I haven't seen any, and I don't see them on, Wikipedia or NeoGAF's review thread either.

Until Dawn IS a great game though; I played through the whole nine hours in one sitting! :)

psplova1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I don't recall which sites they were but there were a couple reviews posted here on N4G over the past couple days with perfect scores..

MartinB1051323d ago

OK, I found three 10/10 reviews (Middle Of Nowhere Gaming, Staffordshire Newsletter, Nerd Bite) and one 5/5 review (

As far as I can tell, Metacritic only includes reviews from a set list of websites, which currently does not include any of the above sites, and the list applies for ALL games, not just Until Dawn. It seems like a fair system to me.

I'm assuming that and are counted because they're popular websites within their respective countries? For what it's worth, I've never heard of any of those websites giving out perfect scores either (and I used to live in Staffordshire). :p

Spotie1323d ago

It's a fair system when there's some sensible reasoning behind it that people can understand. Metacritic definitely doesn't have that, as no-name blogs can be included or excluded without explanation. Clickbait sites like, which is utter garbage, gets the go ahead while better quality sites don't.

And their methodology is kept under wraps.

There's nothing fair about it, to me.

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