DKS3713: Kefka and Sephiroth playable in Dissidia

The new Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer shown at DKS3713 has Kefka in it, the Japanese blogsphere reports.

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ArtisianDragon4360d ago

I can finally play as sephiroth without having to use a Freeloader/Gameshark Like I did for FF7!

mistertwoturbo4360d ago

OH SWEETTTTT, an FFVI character.

Perhaps my favorite FF every created. FFVI

BigMassacre4360d ago

Now, the ultimate battle can be waged.

Kefka vs Sephiroth.

BLuKhaos4360d ago

that mommas boy is going to get pwned!!!

Dpa4360d ago

Kefka ftw! MUAHAHAHA.