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"Media Molecule has said many times that Tearaway Unfolded is expanded from Iota/Atoi’s original outing, rather than just a simple port with improved textures, but I would have never guessed how deeply they rebuilt and changed the game down to a fundamental level. In fact, the game was recreated from scratch using the original game as a concept for the idea. This means that even areas and mechanics that may seem familiar have often been redesigned to utilize the power of the PS4 or the DualShock 4 in ways that its Vita predecessor never could have, in addition to a wealth of all new content that Vita owners never got to experience the first time around." - PSLS

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mushroomwig1326d ago

Never played Tearaway on the Vita, so I can't wait to play it on the PS4. :)

RpgSama1326d ago

But, But, But, But, IGN told me it was a 7.Something /S (sarcasm)

So excited for this game, looks amazingly inventive and fun.

scark921326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Call of Duty Ghosts has a better review LOL

*Aliens meme guy with his hands close but says IGN on caption*

SniperControl1326d ago

IGN have their own agenda, we all know which way they lean.

RpgSama1326d ago

@Scark92 and @Sniper Control

But then you see Mario Maker that is a genre MM practically invented and gets raving reviews by IGN and is reviewed by the one and only Jose Otero IGN Biggest Nintendo Fanboy.

"Super Mario Maker celebrates 30 years of Mario by giving us a fun toolbox to create, share, and play."

It's totally different because MM games are Play, Create, Share.

Travis37081326d ago

IGN is crap when it comes to PS games now days.

Every PS game get's an 7 or below
Then we look at websites on here and all I see is 8's 9's and 10's

Gamespot has been a lot better at reviews than IGN lately..

NukaCola1326d ago

I haven't played this but from the previews I thought it looked really great. I have though played it on Vita and got the platinum trophy. So this game is well welcomed for an HD replay because the game on Vita is a 10/10 brilliant and charming platformer.

bouzebbal1326d ago

This is kind of games I will always love Sony for.
Thank you media Molecule. Day one !

IamTylerDurden11326d ago

Ign isn't the same company since Greg, Scarpino, Tim Gettys, & Collin left. Those guys kept them balanced, they had a line to Shu and PlayStation, now not so much.

Beyond is not the same even with Goldfarb back. Marty Sliva made his bones as an xbox guy, he's not truly impartial. I don't trust them anymore.

Tearaway Unfolded is only 3 points higher than Dishonored Definitive on Metacritic atm, that is a total joke. Tearaway Unfolded is getting good reviews but i just don't see how it can be rated lower than the original with all the improvements, reworking, and additional content. This goes beyond "remaster".

scark921326d ago

Yeah I find that horrible, there appears to be alot of bias within IGN!

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JamesBroski1326d ago

Tearaway on the Vita is freaking amazing. The only thing I didn't really like is that it was too easy. So easy that sometimes, when you die, the game actually spawns you ahead of where you were.

bouzebbal1326d ago

i agree, but it's supposed to be a game for everyone. kids don't get frustrated.

scark921326d ago

Yet another great score!

IamTylerDurden11326d ago

Day 1 buy for me, Crafted Edition here i come. September 8th! Can't wait.

Travis37081326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Nice review!

Germany71326d ago

Finally i will play Tearaway, day 1 for me.

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