DKS3713: KH - Organization Member #14 revealed

The 14th member of Kingdom Hearts' Organization has been revealed. Apparently, she is called Shion (or Xion) and looks like Kairi.

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mikolyyyy4323d ago

i like fast update i wonder wat the big news is

TheColbertinator4323d ago

Xion?Is hse the heartless of Kairi?

xionpunk4323d ago

So much Final Fantasy ...*head explodes*

ArtisianDragon4323d ago

This holiday seasons is going to be crazy x_x do we all have enough money for the games?!

zo6_lover274323d ago

Okay, is this about 358/2 days, which is about Roxas. There was no member 14 while Roxas was in the organization, so could this mean a KH3? When was Kairi turned in to a heartless? I don't remember. There could have been a member 14 that we didn't know about.

FantasyStar4323d ago

Kairi had a heartless? Are we talking about the girl that was Sora's friend? I thought she was apart of that princess group, so she doesn't have a heartless.... am I on the same page as everyone else?

TalyngarTheBlack4323d ago

Kairi had a Nobody named Namine that was not part of the organization which means that she had a heartless too. However, Organization XIII is only made of Nobodies it wouldn't make sense for this to be her heartless. All that being said i'm just as confused as everyone else.