DKS3713: Final Fantasy XIII coming 2009

Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XIII will be released for the PlayStation in Japan during 2009.

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ParanoidMonkey3823d ago

Finally! Glad to see a release date pegged on this this thing. I hope it doesn't take too long to localize. :\

sushipoop3823d ago

Haha I'll be getting the original version (the PS3 version). I'll even import the Japanese version too. As a true FF fan I refuse to buy a port (360) that hasn't even went into development yet. The PS3 version has been in development since 2005. PS3 FTW + Versus XIII is staying on PS3 confirmed.

ParanoidMonkey3823d ago

I'll be getting it on the PS3 too, but I still have to wait for it to be translated so I can understand it. :P

iamtehpwn3823d ago


see the irony?
see what I did there?

poopsack3823d ago

I see what you did there. hopefully thats not our date?

badz1493823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

we have 12 whole month in 2009! so, when will it be? Dec 31st 2009 is also considered 2009! we knew for quite sometimes already XIII is for 2009 but please at least give the month!

chaosatom3823d ago

Don't try to add multiplayer or it will fail. I mean seriously fail, it's not a multiplayer game.

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Dark vader3823d ago

Nice that wassup! So we going to get ff13 next year and ff13 versus the next year.

Sonics0203823d ago

I hope we get it in 2009 as well but this will surely help PS3 alot in Japan and give it a much needed boost.

Viktor E3823d ago

Damn,just like I predicted;Xbox 360 Version will be coming out when Penguins have mastered the Cover Mechanics in Uncharted.

cahill3823d ago

but who cares as long as i can get the ps3 version 2 years before it

geda3823d ago

oh c'mon, how hard is it to give a NA date too? still though, good news

ParanoidMonkey3823d ago

Well, it's hard to judge how long localization will take with an unfinished product.

IzKyD13313823d ago

also the fact that we have to wait for the bullsh!t 360 port too, knowing MS, they probably bribed square to hold off releasing the NA version just so PS3 and 360 release at the same time

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The story is too old to be commented.