"All new" Call of Duty in '09, Lich King confirmed for Q4 '08

Following yesterday's $1 billion earnings announcement from Activision Blizzard, the recently conjoined and "streamlined" megapublisher's executives chatted with analysts in a conference call. Besides mentioning they had a $3 billion cash-on-hand war chest and were eying acquisitions, the powers-that-be at the world's top third-party publisher also revealed some major, if not surprising, news.

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IzKyD13313820d ago

im a PS3 owner and i see no reason why any console owner should feel left out

jamilion3820d ago

Made by Infinity Ward?
gotta be "Call of Duty 6: Future Warfare"
BTW Infinity Ward, im still waiting for the new play lists!

IzKyD13313820d ago

im extremely surprised that ever since the game came out last year, all we've seen "new" is a map pack and a useless patch, you'd think this would be the game to release alot of DLC for

outlawlife3820d ago

ah yes the "useless patch"
that fixed the bugs that made sniper rifles unusable
that stopped connection errors from happening in every game lobby

oh how i wish they wouldn't have made such a useless patch

alster233820d ago

did that patch fix the ak 47 problems?

IzKyD13313820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

im still getting kicked out of games on a minute by minute bases

"Host Ended Game"
"Server Connection Timed Out"

stormymctard3820d ago

oh i though it was just me well that makes me feel more mad abot that game

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ape0073820d ago

wtf is wrong with gaming today

announce cod6 before cod 5 released

or say fallout 4 before even 3 releases


like companies want money now

Fluffy2Duffy3819d ago

I would like the following in the upcoming COD! Variety of soldiers uniforms, tanks, helicopters etc, i know that its not part of COD series, but it would be nice to have that in, then it would be a blast!!!!

psycho3603819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Destructable environment ala BF:BC. Now i cant' find fun in running and hiding in a shack when you have nades exploding all around. Even though COD4 had innovative bullets through wall thing but now it doesnt seem fun anymore.

Aggreed on soldier kits but how about customizable faces so that not everyone looks like bad copy of saddam lol.

jinn3819d ago

im stickin with COD4