DKS3713: Versus XIII will have a simultaneous worldwide release

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released worldwide for the PlayStation 3.

No release date was given.

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sushipoop4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

SWEET! And it's still PS3 exclusive bwahahahahaha! This is the one most people cared about anyway. I mean seriously it's from Kingdom Hearts / Advent Children teams and plus it'll probably be Rated M. :D

Can't WAIT!

Dark vader4325d ago

Yes i think this one will stay exclusive.

NO_PUDding4325d ago

Simultaneous worldwide!!! Reeks of MGS4 awesomeness.

PSP is pimped by this event. And PS3 get's a tiny bit of love thusfar, lets see what else there is.

vegnadragon4325d ago

I'll never believe in square with exclusive anymore, until it's release date. I mean come on, ff13 for the last 2 years, PS3 only to you know what.

badz1494325d ago

it is indeed nice, but WHEN?

Poor Xbots4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

You still need a PS3 for a full FF13 experience.

Viktor E4325d ago

Nomura just took a huge dump on Xbox 360 Players Chests...

B-Rein4324d ago

i wonder if this was all planed by SE and sony in oder to bring xbox owners to ps3, i mean if they play ff13 summin in the game wud hype em up to play ff13 versus then they have no choice but to buy ps3 in order to get full expernce of Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII , not to mention get a psp to play agito XD

TheGrimReaper4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

FF VersusXIII's trailer says "Playstation3 only Worldwide".

They mixed up the exclusivity with the release!

Somnus4325d ago

Come on soul, keep up. >_>

Panthers4325d ago

? It doesnt say anything about the exclusivity. Just says it will ship worldwide simultaneously. No waiting for them to send it to US or EU.

strotee4325d ago

Settle down chief.

Simultaneous release, world-wide. Meaning, Japan/EU/NA will get it all at the same time. No one said squat about it coming to the 360; but don't fret, MS is likely writing the check as we speak. *sigh, keeps fingers crossed for exclusivity*

TheGrimReaper4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Don't get it huh???

"Playstation 3 only Worldwide"

reference to FF XIII 360&PS3 US+EU but PS3 only in Japan...

Hope you realized now that this story is simply wrong

Just check the source of ->

EDIT: Disagree ? why that?

Fact 1: Versus IS PS3 Exclusive WORLDWIDE
Fact 2: They never said simultaneous release

sushipoop4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Ah I get what you're saying now lol. Versus is exclusive to PS3 everywhere, not just in Japan. Sorry about that lol.

Panthers4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I got what you are saying now. It does not say Simultaneous anywhere in the post. Just says worldwide, which is trying to tell everyone it is still exclusive.

TheGrimReaper4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Calm down!

I was misunderstood!

My point was that they haven't said it will release at the same time worldwide!

OF COURSE Versus IS a PS3 Exclusive!


Thank You! I was kind of desperate right now T_T

rofldings4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I agree with Grim, when they showed the new FF13 trailer at E3, they said "PlayStation 3 Only, in Japan" ... meaning it was still exclusive in Japan ... I think they're trying to say the same thing here, but worldwide not a simultaneous worldwide release.

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Viktor E4325d ago

Sucks to be an Xbox 360 only player,Microsoft should issue a Public Apology to all those who spent their hard earned money on a Steak Warmer.

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The story is too old to be commented.