DKS3713: Dissidia Final Fantasy coming December

Square Enix has just announced that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be released December, 2008 in Japan.

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dktxx24319d ago

I'm totally confused about which Final Fantasy game is which and what its coming out to.

jamilion4319d ago

If someone could make a list of all the games, with release date and what console they will be released, that would be great, cause i am really confused.

Dark vader4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

oh boy the psp is going to stay on top for a very long time in japan.

So there two star ocean titles coming to psp, plus ff agito, parasite eve, ff dissidia and kindom hearts. Well i am pretty happy with that.

Marceles4319d ago

I remember this is the fighting one...I always get the handheld RPGs for the PSP and DS mixed up though

geda4319d ago

wow, they're all over the psp! i didn't think dissidia would be out until next year

KobeT244319d ago


Alot of new Psp titles released.

Poor Xbots4319d ago

Poor Xbots

Look at all these SONY FF exclusives.

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The story is too old to be commented.