How Fallout 4 has changed the game: new perk system, skills and SPECIAL

TweakTown's Derek Strickland breaks down the key changes that may be coming in Fallout 4, including an explanation of the new perk system that synergizes with SPECIAL and the big changes coming to how skills are implemented in the game.

"A recent OXM interview with a Bethesda rep has prompted a dizzying level of confusion in the Fallout community, leading to rampant speculation and millions of gamers scratching their heads. 'You'll still level up via XP, and each level increase will still give you a point to spend on a perk, but now those perks have varying XP levels of their own,' says the Bethesda employee."

"Perk-ception? Perk level ups? 275 separate XP perk levels? How does that work exactly? Also does this mean there actually is a level cap after all?"

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N0TaB0T1325d ago

I honestly like these changes. The use of open world in Fallout had really affected the SPECIAL Attribute system to a degree where we needed to overhaul a few things.

SlightlyRetarted1325d ago

I hope there is more than 10 perks per specific SPECIAL, with various levels per perk. Or combo perks where for example you need Strenght 7 and Perception 5 to unlock (Like FO3 and NV, They had perks that had SPECIAL and skill requirement for some perks). Seems just too simple based on info we have now. How about SPECIAL neutral perks that only have LVL requirement?

Deeke1322d ago

Yeah that would be great. I love the idea of cross-SPECIAL perks that do all kinds of things and combo with stats outside of its own tree.

I think that once the mods hit gamers will do all kinds of amazing things with the mechanics...also we're not 100% sure on the particulars, but the base outline has been confirmed at least.