DKS3713: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep Release Dates Announced

Square Enix has revealed release dates for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts games:
- Birth by Sleep coming 2009.
- 358/2 Days coming this Winter.

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Dark vader4393d ago

Is this another psp game?

pwnsause4393d ago

no its a DS game, Birth By sleep is a PSP game and the Prequel to the Kindom Hearts Series, Jeezus!! they are giving alot of PSP love! PSP is getting so awesome!

badz1494393d ago

be very very busy come 2009! all these FFs and KHs...I'm expecting delays!

pwnsause4393d ago

KH: 358/2 Days-DS game

KH: Birth By sleep(KH Prequel)- PSP game

Megaton4393d ago

When do these games take place on the Kingdom Hearts storyline?

jahcure4393d ago

this is the one that is teased after you finish KHII 100%. BBS is set before Sora was chosen to wield the keyblade.

Much excitement

TheColbertinator4393d ago

358/2 is about Roxas and his thing with Organization 13.Birth by sleep is ten years before KH1

jahcure4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

I am much much MUCH more excited about BBS than the 358/2 version. Simply because it's set in the KH main story. Also it's on a SONY console. KH spinoffs have all been on the nintendo brand and the main story would (hopefully) stay true to sony. Can we say KH3 in 2010? Can't wait to complete BBS and see the notorious secret endings.

KH fan since KH1...i even bought KH2 at the midnight launch :)
Since i bought my ps3 the only games i have from ps2 left are my KH1&2, Final fantasy 10 and 12, star ocean till the end of time and all the DBZ games.

good times for me i guess since i was planning to buy a PSP this august. YAY!

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