PS4 Update 3.00’s Favorite Groups Clarified, “Majority” of Beta Test Invites Going Out by Today

The PS4 system software update 3.00 “Kenshin” is already in the hands of quite a few beta testers, and SCEA PR Manager Andrew Kelly clarified a couple relevant points.

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neocores1327d ago

Yeh i got my beta invite:)

WildArmed1327d ago

Likewise :)

Started making some communities for my buddies and I.

KwietStorm1327d ago

How many favorite groups can you have? Is it just one?

XisThatKid1326d ago

MARK MY WORDS. Now that we are getting fav friends we can now get the often requested ridiculous friend notifications. Since without who groups of friends you can pick to get notifications from it would be ba mess, getting notifications for up to 1000 friends across PS4 PS3 and the at times Wi-Fi finicky Vita (love My 3G vita) Would be beyond annoying. Especially passing fighting games.

WildArmed1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I have about 10 groups right now, still have room for more

You can favorite current conversations into fav groups

10gb space is awesome.

Loving YouTube steaming as well

KwietStorm1326d ago

Thanks WildArmed. I been waiting for this feature since before PS4 launched. It was even in that trailer shortly before, but we're just getting it now.

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RiPPn1327d ago

Me too, can't wait to give it a spin..

CPTN MITCHELL1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Got mine today too.....psn id Angel99pr

bOObies1327d ago

I feel like if you didn't opt in for them to send you notifications in the second and only other question they would not pick you. I chose no, and haven't received anything. :(

Anyone that actually got selected for the beta said no for them sending you emails?

WeAreLegion1327d ago

I said no, since I already get tons of emails from them.

KwietStorm1327d ago

You're supposed to have that checked for anything like this. Always been that way. That's why it says if you want email.

XisThatKid1326d ago

I have no problem with that seems me any kind of emails Sony, it all goes to one folder named "Sony" in my inbox and just seen my invite few mins ago can't wait to get back to my PS4

Shazz1327d ago

Damn no invite for me, just got into the ps now beta few months back so thought I'd get an invite.

Masterchief_thegoat1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

hopefully master chief get in the beta

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The story is too old to be commented.