Until Dawn and the “final girl”

KSD writes: Zach and Jess love horror movies. Zach and Jess love videogames. Until Dawn, a game that has been gestating since 2012, promises to blend these two things together. By combining motion-captured actors and choose-your-own-adventure-styl e gameplay, Until Dawn wants very much to be a Cinematic Horror Experience. Zach and Jess were wary about this, until they talked it over. Below, they discuss how Until Dawn complicates one of the most famous tropes of the slasher flick experience: identifying with the final survivor.

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ArchangelMike1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

What an Awesome aticle. It is very rare these days to find a very intelligent, well written and thought provoking article on N4G.

I do have a major problem with the authors though - you can't apply a horror/slasher film theory of - "the final girl", to Until Dawn if you have'nt finished the game! This is just obvious. How do you know how the theory applies to the game, or doesn't apply - if you haven't yet finished the game? Even though the theory of "the final girl" obviously applies very much to Until Dawn... but anyway...


There is a very interesting debate that can be had about "the final girl" in Until Dawn. But I don't think it is any of the cast members. I lost only two characters in my first play through - Matt and Ashley.

While I haven't seen every possible ending for the game, for my playthrough the "final girl" was actually Hannah. If you keep tabs on all the clues about 'the twins' - you will eventually make the connection between the Wendigo and Hannah.

This really had a weird impact on the emotional connection I had for Hannah at that point - while trying to keep everyone alive and safe from her.

This is where I think Until Dawn nails the concept and theory of "the Final Girl". Anyone or everyone can be "The final girl". The player has a real sense of loss/triumph depending on who they were able to keeop alive and who they lost. I was gutted when Ashley died, I really wanted her a Chris to make it out alive. So ,uch so that I started a second play through almost immediately to see if I could change that out come.

Few games have had that emotional impact in me. Infact only The Last of Us has succeeded in tis regard - although in that game the outcome is fixed.

Until Dawn is an excellent game. I would recommend it to anyone who is into horror/slasher movies.