On Launch Day, Gamers Are Increasingly Asking 'Is It Playable' Instead Of 'Is It Worth Playing?'

Forbes: Warner Bros. Interactive released a new video game on PC today called Mad Max. You’ve probably heard of it, even if it was inexplicably sent to die against the 500 pound gorilla that is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I woke up this morning not necessarily eager to read reviews of the latest from Avalanche (though I’m optimistic because the studio has the fantastic Just Cause series under their belt), but to ask Google if the game worked on PC. I’m not remotely alone in this mentality.

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r3f1cul1329d ago

and thats why i havent purchased any game within the first 3 weeks its out since a quarter way through last year... really tired of the release now, people beta test for free and fix later mentality of games now, specifically big AAA games these days, its quite sad IMO

blackblades1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

My main reasons for not purchasing games on launch is because I'm cheap and love getting my games at $20 or less.

raWfodog1329d ago

I'm right there with you blackblades :) The only time full price is paid for my video games is when my wife buys them for me as a gift. I haven't paid original full price ($50, $60) for a video game for myself in years. I keep track of my most wanted games on Amazon and will generally get them when they hit the $20 range ($30 if I really can't wait anymore).

Also, if I think a complete edition will eventually be released with all DLC within a year or so, I'll wait until then. I know that might sound crazy to some but I still have a backlog of games to get through so its no problem for me.

Concertoine1328d ago

Unless it has a nintendo logo on it, price will be halved within a year most of the time. It's crazy that nintendo gets away with selling their games for full price year after year. At least their games function at launch though.

blackblades1328d ago

@concertoin that's true, couple to few years afer smash bros brawl released my friend broke it and had to buy another. It was the exact same price as the launch price.

raWfodog1329d ago

Along with me being a cheap bastard, I'm also wary of getting a game at launch and then having to wait for patches to fix the minor to major bugs. I'd like to enjoy a smooth game play experience on my first playthrough especially if I was paying full price for it.

traumadisaster1329d ago

At the advent of patching, xbox live I think, the gaming community cried out that this catastrophe would happen.

But it seems like it will police itself as the number of people who wait are massively increasing.

blackblades1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Your comment under mine is exactly me word for word except the the wife part. Definitely with the complete edition, learned that from fighting games.

vanity291329d ago

You should get mgs v right away than, it's beyond polished.

TXIDarkAvenger1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Wow, that's true. And I would say a lot of the time I have to ask both questions. Pretty big reason why I rarely buy games on launch anymore.

MilkMan1329d ago

Yup, you got that right.

user99502791329d ago

I have noticed this too, and I find it hilariously telling as to the priority of most gamers.

On countless occasions, I have heard people defend absolutely trash games by saying "well, at least it was playable on day 1". Can't help but LOL at that attitude. A good thing is worth waiting for. On the other hand, a trash game that works on day 1 is still a trash game.

Some of the games I've enjoyed most this gen have had rough starts. Battlefield 4 being the primary example, a game I still play almost daily. "gamers" will hold a grudge against a piece of software for being broken, and try to convince you that a game sucks because it had issues at launch, and then turn around and swoon over a polished turd that worked at launch because it had absolutely no depth. That's when I hit the ignore button.

DanteVFenris6661329d ago

Weird I just find gamers are getting more bitchy. So if this was a poll it probably is just a bunch of bitches. So I don't find this valid.

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