DKS3713: Final Fantasy 13 Demo coming with AC: Complete

It has been confirmed by Famitsu that a Final Fantasy XIII demo will be included inside Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

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Viktor E4314d ago

Whazat,Sony have just 1 upped Microsoft AGAIN!????

Zerodin4314d ago

Just like you Faux Asians like it.

Veryangryxbot4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Its just a demo. Throwing PS3 a bone is what they did.

Nothing of the SE party news has been proven to be interesting so far. They disappoint tremendously. The party is not over yet but my faith is on a low right now.

And to be realistic, there is probably not going to be any other stunning news. So that would still mean that Last remnant is timed exclusive, SO4 exclusive, FF going multi platform, Infinite Discovery exclusive for 360.

Meanwhile PS3 owners get only FF versus. Sure its probably the best even if you combine all 4 of the above mentioned games together but dont tell me this 1 game deal for the ps3 is not meager/ mediocre. Especially when the release of this title is not even determined.

SE sucks.

Dark vader4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Nice!!! I hope this ain't the surprise.

sushipoop4314d ago

it's not but just so you 360 owners know, lol, this demo is PS3 exclusive. it'll be in Japanese but since PS3 games aren't region locked anyone with a PS3 can play it. PS3 FTW! who knows if they'll even have a demo for the 360 port, it hasn't even gone into development yet lol.

mikeslemonade4314d ago

Um yes this is the "suprise". Do you really think they can fit a the movie, the demo, the videos, and also the FF7 remake on the disc?

Square Enix fails, it can join all the money grubbing companies such as Capcom, EA, Ubisoft, and Activision.

SCThor4314d ago

if it is on blu-ray, it can fit

DarkBlade4314d ago

I think it the surprise because listen to the 1up podcast. Shane said this already. Kinda

ZeroBlitz4314d ago

They fail for releasing a demo of FFXIII - something that everyone wanted them to do?

But, uh... March '09 is a bit of a long time. Hopefully it means they plan on releasing the game soon after but I remember a long-ish wait between the FFX demo and game. :(

Marceles4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

I hope this isn't the surprise too...the demo is really nice as much as I want to play the game, but it feels like that Capcom surprise when Capcom gave PS3 owners Lost Planet after announcing DMC4 was going multiplat..even though I'd take an FF13 demo over the full version of Lost Planet

mikeslemonade4314d ago

Well SE sucks for milking us because they know full well that gamers will buy the FF7 blu-ray just to get to play the demo. This could have been a free download on the PSN. It better be a worthwhile demo that is atleast a hour long or prepare for a boycott SE!

iamtehpwn4314d ago

Due to the fact that it's a Bluray movie, AND It'll be released in Japan. Maybe America?

Lord_Ash4314d ago

This will benefit Sony more than gamers, I mean it’s on Blu-Ray so they get royalties and it’s published (if I’m not mistaken) by Sony and it’s bundled with PS3’s in Japan, It’s a win, win, win satiation for Sony.

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Viktor E4314d ago

FF13 for the Xbox 360 is Vaporware

morganfell4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

No it's not vaporware. Vaporware is still rumored to exist. There is no rumor concerning Japanese 360. It is dead dead dead.

jamilion4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Demo for just JAPAN or everyone?
For Xbox or PS3 (pretty sure its ps3)?

dktxx24314d ago

Demo for ps3 japan (my guess). A ps3 English demo (and probably 360) might come in another square enix game, like FF12.

TheGrimReaper4314d ago

Demo with ACC
-> Worldwide depends on the release of ACC
-> No 360 (if the demo is only included in ACC, if not it won't be special): ACC is a BluRay Movie

LuvBurger4314d ago

that it is only for PS3, because correct me if I am wrong, but Sony Pictures Entertainment is the distributor of the movie, am I correct??

strotee4314d ago

The original release of AC (not sure the diff between original and Complete) was in fact distributed by Sony:

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ascendantofrain4314d ago

If that is the surprise I will be sooooooo pissed.

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The story is too old to be commented.