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The PS Vita is an unfortunate handheld console. It has dozens of quality titles from first and 3rd party studios, yet due to mitigating factors the device does not sell well in the marketplace. Media Molecule’s Tearaway on the PS Vita was an underrated star on the platform, and it was a shame not many got to experience the whimsy for themselves. Fortunately, Media Molecule have released Tearaway Unfolded exclusively for the PS4, rewriting the game from the ground up for a multitude of new gameplay mechanics, locations and aesthetics. There isn’t one Iota left reimagined!

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S2Killinit1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

This game looks like a lot of fun. Im still busy with my backlog of games at the moment, but im tempted to up this on top.

ninsigma1331d ago

The original on vita is awesome so I can only imagine the new one is at least just as good! Great to see it getting great scores. Currently sitting at 82 on metacritic.