Stinkles debunks Halo 3 rumor, MS promoter defends it

Posting on a NeoGAF forum thread, a Bungie representative known as "Stinkles" scoffed at rumors that Brutes will be playable in Halo 3. More importantly, he did not deny that a gameplay video was headed to Xbox Live next week.

In the same thread, a self-identified Microsoft promotional worker, posting as "Nils," defended YLA G, the originator of the rumor...

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T-Virus4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Is out tomorrow. I'm waiting to hear it officially.
Also I notice that Juevani has posted this as "lame," I'm new to this site, but I've noticed he has posted a lot of MS things "lame," is there a reason?

calderra4329d ago

If "Stinkles" was indeed a Bungie employee, it would have most likely been Frankie, who is the official person Bungie has to comment on issues such as these.

Juevani4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Yes, there is a reason, its 2 irritet these animals, and make them see how it is when somebody allways ruin the good news for others with tellin alot of bullshit and postin over 100 nonsense comments, and I wont quit before they do, everytime there is some news about anything els than 360 u'll find them there talkin alot of bullsh*t... and u know what?? my method just seems 2 be workin fine, cus I don't see them around that much lately so if it continues like that u wont see my name on any 360 news like before cus I really dont care about what happends 2 ms or their console.... u feel me??

Evil4329d ago

So you pretty much admit your a child who can't spell.

PS360PCROCKS4329d ago

Yup Evil, and to Juevani your a total a jackas* you know that? It's a opionated forum website bud, if you can't handle everyone elses opinions, well um, than don't come anymore, quit your crying. Everyone who has a PS3 acts like anyone with a 360 runs around like rabid idiots just saying "SONY SUCKS SONY SUCKS" Which is so far from the truth it's not even funny. Fact of the matter is we're entitled to our opinion when and wherever we want and if you dont like it find a new website to check out

calderra4329d ago

"So you pretty much admit your"
-It's "you're" in this case. As in you mean to say "you are" a child who can't spell.

"to Juevani your"
-Again, "you're" in this case. It's a contraction.

Saying "your" implies posession, as in "your intelligence is very limited" or "your spelling is weak, young Padawan".

PS360PCROCKS4329d ago

wow you seriously are trying to correct both of us because we put "your" instead of "you're"? While "you're" is grammatically correct, "your" can be used in the same context. Next time you choose to correct someone, don't pick the 21 yr old Journalism student, grammar and spelling are not a problem of mine. But, I usually don't care to much when i'm writing a forum post espescially when it took me about 10 seconds to write it.

THWIP4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

'calderra', it's "possession", not "posession", as in "If I had a dictionary in my possession, I might not look like a tool". :p :D

And WTF...."Stinkles"??! 0_o

Ugly American4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Your might be the most commonly misspelled word...ever.

"its 2 irritet these animals,"= First, "its"...why not jump on that one? 2=to, and irritet=irritate.

"somebody allways ruin the good news for others with tellin"= allways=always tellin=telling

"alot of bullshit and postin"= alot=a lot and postin=posting

"I wont quit before they do,"=wont=won't

"els than 360 u'll find them"=els=else and u'll=you'll

VARIOUS u's and 2's... sigh

"cus I don't see them around"=cus=because
"cus I really dont care about what happends"=cus=because...a gain... happends=happens

And don't get me started on the grammar.

My point Calderra? Why are you defending a ridiculous fanboy by hammering a couple of guys for using the wrong form of your. That is like yelling at someone for writing THERE fanboy son, as opposed to THEIR fanboy son.

In Juevani's case, he is just clogging up posts as most 10 year olds do. The funny thing is 360 fanboys post on PS3 news and vice versa. Then to make matters BETTER, the PS3 Fanboys who were taking the moral high ground get on 360 news to "show up" the 360 fanboys. It is a vicious cycle of retardedness.

So take YOUR moral high ground, and shove it up YOUR poop hole.

THWIP4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I hate to tell you this, son, but YOU'RE (yes, that's a joke) educational system failed you at some point. I'm a 35 y.o., with a degree, 6 years experience tutoring (English and Algebra) AND teaching. AT NO TIME is "your" a substitute for "you're" in the English language; get with your college professor on this, if you doubt me.

PS360PCROCKS4329d ago

I NEVER said it was a substitute I said that "you're" is the grammatically correct way of saying it. But in everyday talk people use the word your, that is what I was implying. "YOUR" is not correct, your right. But if you say "Your an idiot" or "You're an idiot" it's the same meaning, people get it. Point is, Calderra made a big deal out something totally rediculous. No one goes out of their way to be perfect for a forum post.

MadClay4329d ago

You spelled ridiculous wrong...

tee hee hee...

Evil4329d ago

Sorry I wasted YOUR time.LOL

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PhantomMD4329d ago

I just clicked on the lame tab when I went to see who voted bad
Juevani is not a happy camper huh?

ImTheNumber124329d ago

its 2 irritet these animals, and make them see how it is when somebody allways ruin the good news for others

This has actually started an argument. I did not know that voting lame on an article would cause so much commotion. Grammar arguments are as necessary on this site as a cool/lame voting system.

4329d ago
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