Soul Calibur Lost Swords Online To Shut Down In November

GamersFTW writes - Bandai Namco has announced that their popular free-to-play title Soul Calibur Lost Swords will end its service and shut the servers on November 30th.

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Skellytorx1638d ago


Yukes1638d ago

Agreed, it's about time!

DualWielding1637d ago

only if they bring Sophitia and Cassandra back, otherwise I don't care

Eiyuuou1637d ago

Cassandra might be possible. But Sophitia's condition is quite hard to cure... Since, you know, she's dead?

Maple221638d ago

I enjoyed some of the older games, would be great if they were shutting this down to release a new one!

MrsNesbitt1638d ago

With a new MK and a SF it only makes sense for a new soul cal

gangsta_red1637d ago

Was not a fan of SCV but I still hope for a new SC. Played part 4 to death back in the early days.

Hoffmann1637d ago

SoulCalibur stopped to be fun after SCIII for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.