1UP: SIREN: Blood Curse Review

The PSN-exclusiveSiren: Blood Curse (downloadable for $40 in its entirety, or $15 per four episodes) nails both of these elements. Not only does Blood Curse contain some of the most tension-building moments I've experienced since Silent Hill 2 (my favorite survival-horror title ever), but it also nails the pacing. The array of different playable characters really allows the developers a chance to completely change the dynamics between levels -- in one, you might play as a large, capable fighter who wields numerous weapons, while in the next, you might be a completely defenseless child who must avoid enemies entirely. The approach is different enough that it never even bothered me to play through the same level twice with a different character -- which happens a lot.

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PoSTedUP3821d ago

this sh*t is badass scary.

IzKyD13313821d ago

come on sony!
give us a blu ray version of this game! if you offer it, people will buy it!

crippler6663820d ago

For £20 or $40 it is worth it. A Blu-Ray version would be more appealing to people with the 40gig model.

This is one of the best Survival Horror games ever and it is not just stuff jumping out at you.

Dir_en_grey3820d ago

A score that this game deserves.