Unpacking The Phantom Pain's Wild First Hour


By now, most of you out there have probably had the opportunity to play The Phantom Pain's prologue. And, based on reactions I've seen floating around the Internet this morning, the most common question about this segment has been "Just what in the hell was that?"

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KyRo1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

That first hour was breathtaking and how I wish the rest of the game was. It was hands down the best opening to any game ever. It feels like the MGS we all know and love. Whilst MGSV is good it's lost so much of its identity. It feels more like a third person Far Cry game and tbh I'm not loving this game nowhere near as much as the previous games because of it.

Xer0_SiN1324d ago

im sorry to say this. i played the first hour and ended up turning the game off lol. all the camera shaking was giving me a damn headache. i know it was just the prologue, but i hope it picks up. the control layout seems different. i dont remember it being like that in mgs4. ill try it again later today, but im hoping the prologue was the only shitty part about this game.