'UMD ain't dead' says Boulevard

Movies on PSP could undergo a major revival if retailers sell UMDs at the right price, says Boulevard Entertainment.
The DVD specialist dipped its toe into the gaming world by moving into UMD movies in recent months, and has found success with cut-price catalogue and new release titles.

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DJ4326d ago

Despite originally swearing off of them. $5~10 really is a good price.

VampHuntD4326d ago

But $10 is too much. Why would I pay half the price for a movie instead of just buying the dvd (or Bluray depending on the film). That was the major issue with UMD. It's a great portable format, but why pay the same amount for limited function?

snoopgg4325d ago

You can even watch them on yur tv if you own the newer psps. $5 for new umds, I would buy them.

Skerj4325d ago

Yeah 5 is the sweet spot, it's negligible enough to not double think about the purchase if it's something you want to see. That in turn will get them more sales, they'll get more at 5 bucks than they ever did at 20 and 30.

sinncross4325d ago

10 dollars max (thats like R70 in South Africa which is bloody cheap).

personally, if at a low price like this, and with more connectivity, such as an update that allows you to watch it off your computer if your psp is hooked up to a pc, and stuff like that ,then it would be a more viable format.

Iceman100x4325d ago

lol im afraid it is buddy just like the psp.

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The story is too old to be commented.