Eidos talks Midway sequels

Klaude Thomas, producer on Eidos's forthcoming naval warfare game Battlestations: Midway, has mulled over sequel possibilities in an interview with CVG published on the site today.

Although he said he guesses that the future of the series depends on how Midway is received when we talked with him at recent press event in London, he divulged that the development team "has a lot of ideas about what they'd like to see in the future and there's a lot of great history we could go into".

"I think if players like it we'll make another one", he added.

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dfb19774328d ago

Watching the gameplay movies I'm actually really looking forward to this, like the way you can have 3 or 4 different skirmishes all at the same time and take control as you see fit, or just oversee the whole thing. Shame we've gotta wait till the end of Feb in the UK

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4325d ago

Hopefully Midway controls & looks a lot better than the new Star Trek game.