The Top 10 Games That Deserve A Revival

When a company is sitting on a goldmine, you wouldn't expect them to want to do anything else. SquareEnix has Final Fantasy; Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, and Metroid; Bungie has Halo; Valve has Half-Life. Sometimes these companies will take a brief step away from those franchises and make a game that goes relatively unnoticed, or, if it does gather a great deal of exposure, eventually fades from the forefront due to a lack of support and consistency.

Perhaps the sequels are not on par with the prior games. Or perhaps the companies just give up on them entirely after the first. Whatever the case is, here are the top 10 games or franchises that deserve a revival.

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Le-mo4317d ago

Since when did Squaresoft developed The Legend of Dragoon?

Fullish4317d ago

ahem. fixed.
Not sure what happened there.

FantasyStar4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

wow.....makes me wonder what else is wrong with that list. It's worded weird though..

InMyOpinion4317d ago

The Last Ninja. Turrican.

LeonSKennedy4Life4317d ago

I'd be up for a Hydro Thunder remake...


BlackIceJoe4316d ago

I agree with the whole list it is really great. I so would love to see a Legend of Dragoon 2 for the PS3 and a remake for the PSP.

Pefect Dark 2 would be great to see on the 360. The prequel PDZ sold over a million so I would have though Rare would have been making another.

Golden Sun would be great fun on the Wii. Same with a new Star Fox and Kid Icarus.

Xenogears was great fun when I played it years ago. The ones that came after it were not. But if SE could make a new one just as great as Xenogears I would be all for a new one. Plus I would love them to remake Xenogears and bring it out on PSN, Xbox Live and WiiWare.

A new Chrono game would be great what ever it could be called. I do think SE want to test the waters with Chrono Trigger for the DS to see if people want a new Chrono game so I for one can't wait to play the DS game.

rockleex4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Most of the developers left Square for a reason. Its because Square doesn't care about quality games. Square only wants to milk its more mainstream franchise.

In fact, those ex-Square developers should just join up with Sony's RPG studios and make new Legend of Dragoon, Xenogears, and Chrono games.