IGN PC Team's Most Anticipated Games of 2008 Revisited

Earlier this year, the then-leaderless PC team offered a look at the games they were most excited about in 2008. And while it was, by any objective standards, a truly amazing list, things change. As gamers move into the second half of the year, IGN's expectations for some of those titles -- not to mention their actual publishing status -- have changed. Also, they've got a brand new editor-in-chief.

It's time to reevaluate the list and offer up a new batch of titles that they're most looking forward to in the second half of 2008. IGN just feels that it's the responsible thing to do. Also, Jeremy told us them had to.

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MK_Red4314d ago

Fallout 3 leads PC list t

fermcr4314d ago

Wonder why far cry 2 is in PC list and not in the console list. Are they telling us something about the console version of the game? Hummm!!! Does not matter, i will get the game for PC anyway.

Fallout 3, Spore, Crysis Warhead, Left 4 Dead, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, Mirror's Edge... i'm also getting for PC. Keyboard and mouse rule for those games.

As for the Space Siege, played the demo and liked it... looks simple and fun to play.