PS4 and PS Vita Dominate Tokyo Game Show Console Games Line-Up; PS3, 3DS, Xbox One and Wii U Follow

Today the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association released the line-up of announced titles that will appear at Tokyo Game Show.

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JJShredder1324d ago

Should be an excellent showing for Sony. Tons of PC support also which for some reason seems suprising to me.

A little sad to me though that the show will most likely be dominated by iOS and Android games though.....yuck.

miyamoto1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

So much PS Vita love in Japan!

DonkeyDoner1324d ago

pc gmaes probably web browser, the best thing just VN dont get you hype too high

TheXgamerLive1323d ago

Yes, I'm surprised MS didn't see MS hit a number of at least 20 games but to be honest NO game at TGS will get more playtime than SCALEBOUND. IMHO.

What's been shown is incredible and then the whole coop and vs modes and you can fly/control the Dragons damn sweet. I'd think they'll go but but ehhh we'll see. Stranger things have happened.

FallenAngel19841324d ago

Basically PlayStation is going to be the dominant platform in news covering TGS

gokuking1324d ago

No, the dominant platform in reality is likely going to be iOS. On sites like this? Sure, I guess Vita and PS4 would be.

SaveFerris1324d ago

I didn't know that Microsoft would be attending the Tokyo Game Show this year?

OldDude1324d ago

I agree, I thought they weren't attending.

DonkeyDoner1324d ago

just like sony on gamescom, attending but no conference
or in simple word no new game from jpn for xone

SoapShoes1324d ago

They'll be there but they won't have a conference. Que all the articles about how it's a HUUUUGGEEE misstep for MS and practically letting Sony get the advantage.... Oh wait... That won't happen because it's Xbox. -_-

FoxyGotGame1324d ago

X1 may get some surprises, don't count MS out of TGS just because Sony seems to be hogging the spotlight. I really would like to see all the current platforms represented /

Sora_19941324d ago

Ideally yes but logically we all know thats not happening

chikane1324d ago

(X1 may get some surprises, don't count MS out of TGS)

Yea maybe they can reach that magic number of 1000 units sold a week

corroios1324d ago

tons of JRPG coming to PS4, thats what.

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