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Rise of the Tomb Raider's initial showing at Gamescom felt like a shift even further towards Lara's evolution into remorseless killing machine, with Ms. Croft stalking her way through leafy undergrowth under the cover of darkness, systematically slitting throats and shooting faces with impunity. It's a far cry from the Tomb Raiders of old, in which the majority of killing Lara did was of the animal variety.

Our hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider was the antithesis of the violent stealth section we saw during Microsoft's Xbox presser, taking Lara back to exotic locales and awe-inspiring sights. Taking place at the northwest border of Syria, we picked up with Lara on the search for answers after finding fresh clues in her father's research, leading to the Tomb of the Immortal. Beating a path to her destination via a precarious cliff ledge, Lara is still adept at shimmying along rocky outcrops, and crawling into dark, claustrophobic spaces.

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jay21326d ago

if laras not a whinny toddler again then yeah

Foehammer1326d ago

They've taken the game back to it's roots:


Looking forward to playing it this holiday

antz11041325d ago

There was nothing wrong with the reboot, it was an amazing game. They changed the formula because it was stale in the first place.

gamer78041325d ago

They changed it to sell more to the mainstream. I honestly preferred the legend and underworld version. Test of Lara against her environment and exploration. With a bit of combat in between.

badz1491325d ago

Am I the only one who love yhe old TR games over the reboot? I love the old TR so much, I even enjoy Trmple of Osiris more than the reboot.

The reboot is a survival game with tacked in tomb exploration. Others might like it but personally not my cup of tea.

Dlacy13g1325d ago

No there are a few of you...but you definitely are in the minority.

Lon3wolf1325d ago

No you are not, I prefer the older games with exploration of tombs and environmental hazards which seemed lacking from this release.


How do you know badz149 is definitely in the minority?

Foehammer1325d ago


Sounds like you will love the new game then.

rainslacker1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I liked them both kind of equally. The original series was a different formula. I looked at the reboot as a different series, and took it for it's own thing. I like the originals for the fun game play, and I like the newer ones for the more over the top set pieces and faster pace.

Only thing I didn't care for in the reboots was how annoying Lara was as opposed to her more sophisticated, easy to like character in the originals. It's hard to completely ignore the originals in every aspect, and some comparisons were made by me, and that's the one that stood out the most.

I suppose they tried to make her more human, but to me, the self-confident adventurer is what I always like about Lara.

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-Foxtrot1326d ago

God no.

Nothing found in any of the gameplay videos shown to us shows classic Tomb Raider. It seems like it's moved even more in the totally different path the first game of the reboot set out on.

gangsta_red1326d ago

What from the classic Tomb Raider where you looking for in this new one?

And how far back of classic are you even referring too?

-Foxtrot1325d ago

A lot of platforming, a shit load of booby traps and hazards she needs to overcome, twisted puzzles, the isolated feeling of being trapped with a dangerous enviroment because you have to watch your every step, moments where you feel like if you don't time something correctly your dead, med packs found on fallen adventures along with whatever supplies they were carying, croft manor to explore with its own secrets and goodies to find. Actual acrobats like back flips and somersaults, less humans more wildlife or supernatural creatures

And so on and on

user99502791325d ago

I think, in the case of Tomb Raider, there are a lot of people spending a lot of time glorifying outmoded games that they never particularly liked in the first place.

I used to play TR games when I was really young. ROTR needs more jaggies. I want Laura's ass to be an octagon.

Rookie_Monster1326d ago


Why is it always you complaining about xbox exclusives? Yesterday, you complaint about the Halo 5 trailer and how you don't like squad and how Halo is not Halo, now Tomb Raider is not going back far enough and how Tomb Raider is not Tomb Raider of old. Jeezzz man. :/

1325d ago
Fro_xoxo1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

It's better you ignore him. It's the same regurgitated crap about how a game should be, over and over again. I wouldn't pay it any attention.

freshslicepizza1325d ago

did he ever think to play the old tomb raider games if that is what he wants? this is a reboot and with reboots come a different direction. he is way too attached in nostalgia. even the new mad max movie he didn't like because it wasn't like the old mad max.

there are new generations of fans which is why we see so many reboots and with new generations they don't always share the same opinions of those who are likely in their 30's and 40's now.

Becuzisaid1325d ago

He complains all the time about FFXV too

jb2271324d ago

Fox is an equal opportunity "complainer"...he has issues w/ games on any platform. I haven't seen him criticize XBO games anymore than PS4 or WiiU games. He's entitled to his opinions because its obviously not coming from a fanboy place but simply a fan place. He obviously has experiences w/ all of these franchises and he seems like he's been a multi-platform player for at least a few generations now.

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freshslicepizza1325d ago

did you even read the article or are you saying you know more than crystal dynamics?

"It seems that Crystal Dynamics is treading a fine line with Rise of the Tomb Raider, looking to appease long-time fans of the series for whom the reboot didn't quite click, while building upon the elements that made the previous game such a huge success. “We want to return to the nostalgia of old Tomb Raider,” CD later told us, adding that its puzzle-filled tombs will retain the modern twist from the previous TR."

jb2271324d ago

I think its safe for anyone to be cautiously optimistic about what CD is saying in regards to the game. They also said prerelease of the TR reboot that there would be plenty of tombs focused on and that didn't exactly pan out. Hopefully all of their promises come to fruition, but we shouldn't just take them on their word, the game needs to speak for itself. The PAX demo was very cool, easily the best preview they've shown yet, but we don't know if that's indicative of the full game. If anything going by the previews released so far it'd be easier to say that it looks a lot like the last title in almost every aspect, same platforming, same combat w/ an added focus on TLOU style stealth, and the same light puzzle solving elements in tombs. In fact, there was no real puzzling to be had in the PAX demo, it consisted of shooting glowing parts of traps, reading some hieroglyphs & pulling a stone to let water rush out. Still haven't really shown much in the way of puzzles yet, I'm anxious to see more of that and more in the way of environmental variety when I play the full game.

gangsta_red1325d ago

The previews I recently saw showed just as much exploring, platforming action sequences with added action to take advantage of the new consoles.

I think you have a case of rose tinted nostalgia glasses. Laura and gaming has come a long way from the simplicity of what we all played way back in the day.

Gamers expect more in their gameplay and with these new systems rightly so. If the game was as bare and old school as you would like it to be could you imagine the uproar and also meltdown the internet would have because of it.

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Fro_xoxo1325d ago

The game has benefited from it's evolution that is Tomb Raider 2013 which served as a foundation for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I'm confident the overall package of Rise of the Tomb Raider will have enough to satisfy the fans of Tomb Raider 2013 and possibly new fans.

It's me and Lara this fall..


1381325d ago

Might be in the minority here, but I think the old games were garbage compared to the reboot. I played the originals on PC and PS1 back in the day and the jank-ass controls made platforming a real pain. The worst thing they can do is return to classic Tomb Raider. Onward and upward.

badz1491325d ago

The old PS1 and PC games were clunky for todays standard but it was great back then. However, last gen versions of TR such as Anniversary, Legends and Underworld were great improvements for the franchise and were great TR games. It's just that the reception towards them were lukewarm but not because they were bad but more about people moving over to other popular franchises.

rainslacker1324d ago

I would agree on the first one, and maybe somewhat on the 2nd, but over time they refined it well enough that it was pretty solid and fun game play. I never liked the gun play in the first two, but the platforming was decent enough, particularly compared to other games at the time which did similar things. I think that's one reason it became so popular, because it did 3D platforming better than the rest.

Over time, this obviously changed as other companies started doing it better.

I can 100% agree that going back to play the first couple of games can be very jarring if you aren't used to games from back then.

chrisx1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

the ROTR looks really good, the presentation is top notch. i think the classic tomb raider is gone,not a bad thing as the new direction is really cool

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