This is the Moment that Console Gaming Died

Look at us now my console brethren. DLC. Gimmicky peripherals. Pay to play. What happened to us? Remember cheat codes? Remember full products? No. All you remember is how many days it took you to get third and a half prestige in Call of Duty 5: Duty Assault.

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theFAYEsorceress2118d ago

there are pros and cons to both~ i'll leave it at that because SOME people are oversensitive on here.

user99502792118d ago

I tend to agree, but doesn't hurt to have something kick'n around that can run some SC2 and CSGO now and again.

3-4-52118d ago

uhh if console gaming dies, then how are all these consoles still working and having games being made for them ?

What a bad article by an attention seeker.

SegaGamer2118d ago

If everygame came out on the PC i would switch in a heartbeat. Over half of my console game collection isn't even available on PC. So, until every game starts getting released on the PC, it will never be better than consoles to me. I wish every game was released on the PC though, it would be great to play every game without any limitations.

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nunley332118d ago

I loved those and action replay.

FallenAngel19842118d ago

Every generation has its pros and cons, deal with it.

JoeIsMad2118d ago

Name a "pro" to playing a broken game at launch?

S2Killinit2118d ago

But your assuming that thats the only thing to consider.

vongruetz2118d ago

Define "broken game." People always complain that a game is "broken" because one aspect may not work. AC Unity was "broken" because characters would pop-in and NPCs started conversations in areas they weren't supposed to. That's an unfortunate glitch but it doesn't make the product broken.

DLConspiracy2118d ago

If we use one example to explain the entirity of one platform.. then it's all cons. Stuff happens.

Spotie2117d ago

That's a pretty craptacular argument, Joe. Name a positive to a negative.

How about just naming a positive? Like the incredible games that came out? How about playing with people all around the world?

How about the ability to actually FIX the flaws that were doomed to always remain in previous generations?
I think it's stupid to overlook all the positives to come up with an extreme conclusion like "console gaming is dead." Especially when hardware and software sales are better than they've ever been, and games from the smallest of indies to the largest of established titles(not always for the better) are seeing success.

Sounds like maybe it's just time that you give up the hobby, if you can't see anything positive.

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FallenAngel19842118d ago

You're looking at only cons. News flash, every generation has its cons

JoeIsMad2118d ago

I agree. That functional NES with the entire game installed in the flash cart was terrible. I scratched the case and now the game still works fantastically.

madjedi2118d ago

Yeah it totally works without any issues, I never had to do this. Someone needs to take off the rose colored glasses.

It was a exceptional era, but not without it's faults like every other generation. But that wouldn't fit the narrative of how horrible modern consoles are.

I have had discs that lost a knife fight with Freddy Kruger and they still worked. So yeah how is the nes cartridges still working noteworthy beyond their age?

eddieistheillest2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I agree .Every console generation has its pros and cons. Even the NES that douche is referring too. The dude names one con for now a day consoles and one pro for retro consoles and he thinks he right lol what a lame.

nunley332118d ago

Laughing at that picture lol.

Christopher2118d ago

There's a problem with this author's logic: all of those issues exist on all devices now.

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