Sony's Playstaton 3 Is Clearly In the Drivers Seat

Rob Watson of the Philadelphia Inquirer Analyzes the progression of the Playstation 3 from Launch to Present Date,and gives his insight on how Sony have overcome their missteps to provide the best possible Hi-Definition experience for Gamers and Movie Enthusiasts.

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stormymctard4323d ago

wow that guy loves his ps3 onto topic, driver seat not yet i think after this holiday season then we may be looking at it but still aint in there yet

HighDefinition4323d ago

With Blurays victory and the Late 2008 early 2009 line-up literally eclipsing the 360s it`s in the drivers seat.

BTW, I don`t consider the WII in anything I ever talk about.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4323d ago

Wow that guy loves his PS3 as do I, but hopefully he didnt cut a hole in the box if you know what I

Tarasque4323d ago

Well i feel a little different then most people i guess. I still have yet to truly see a triple a title on my ps3, sure there is uncharted and ratchet and clank, heavenly sword but other than that i am not impressed at all. Didn't like MGS4 so sue me. Didn't care for GT5, car's looked good that's about it. Sure there is stuff on the horizon LBP and killzone 2 but that is not here yet. And while i am on the subject i am not caring for the look of RES2 again so sue me. You are in the driver's seat when you are ahead of your competition and again sony is not there yet. Maybe someday, but this year i don't think so.

Lew_Ijgee4323d ago

doesn't mean its not Triple A (whatever that means).

BobDog4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

you dont have to be leading the competition to be in the driver seat,
if u constantly have ur opponent on his back foot, and ur dictating his movements and actions, u are in the driver seat, even if your not leading the score, ur in the driver seat as of now

im not saying sony is doing this, just that u dont have to be the competition leader to be in the driver seat

cahill4323d ago

MGS4 got 10/10 from IGN and is better than any game out there. It is not AAA but game of the forever

you didnt like any ps3 game cuz u are an xbox fanboy.
wow what a tr*ll. MGs4 /uncharted are all AAA titles

LBP/resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 are all AAA titles. enjoy movies on yur HOT BOX since it has nothing worth playing on it

ThanatosDMC4323d ago

You should see me and my PS3... ::wink wink::

solidsnakus4323d ago

mgs4 got a 10/10 but its honestly bs. compare gta4 to mgs4.. come on theres a huge diffrence there. gta owns it in every way. so much detail in everything. mgs4 is mega overrated, especially since mgs3 was soo much better.

mfwahwah4323d ago

GTA IV was over rated beyond belief. They only evolved an incy little bit with it compared to the others, and that's only because it's on next gen tech.

MGS4 is a masterpiece in many people's eyes (no they're not blind).

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Viktor E4323d ago

Rob Watson is absolutely right.

The Almighty PS3rd4323d ago

Yea clearly in dead last, 3 years into this generation and will be until the next Xbox releases.

That's why you're "clearly" trying so hard to change titles, and convince yourself anf everyone that PS3rd isn't the absolute FAILure everyone knows it really is.

Long Live the Almighty PS3rd!!!! 10 year life-cycle FTW!!!

Viktor E4323d ago

Riding Shotgun is the Ps2,since it's a Ferrari the PsP will have to wait its turn to hear the Engine puuuuur from the inside.

SmokingMonkey4323d ago

you actually made it sound like a 10 year life cycle is a bad thing.

only in a M$ world would a 10 year lifecycle be considered a bad thing.

juuken4323d ago

You've been riding that c*ck a little too much *Almighty*. Time to jump out now.

zo6_lover274323d ago

You know the ps3 hasn't even been out for 2 years.
If its a failure why has it out sold the 360 every week this year except 2? why did it outsell the 360 last year? Why was there a 10 million console gap last year and now 5 million?
Questions you can't answer.

Oner4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Just posted this somewhere else but it applies here....
But yet these numbers don't mean anything to people like you Zerodin (ooops scratch that) Almighty....biased uninformed fanboys are all damned fools.

1st America
1st Europe
1st Japan

3rd America
2nd Europe
2nd Japan

2nd America
3rd Europe
3rd Japan

Fact is the Wii is #1, PS3 is #2 and the 360 is ALREADY does it feel for people to laugh at you for your stupidity?

Snukadaman4323d ago

Funny coming from a fat chick who is into video games..I bet you aint never been laid.......sweet irony huh... the big news is blu-ray is needed....great...can you people be so deluded to realize psn is still sh*t...and before the ps3 can become a major console that the masses buy, it has to right its 720 will right the wrong of lower disc space...and hopefully RROD...after that the ps3 will be on its long road to 10 years....where its graphic card will be outdated and ram will be morons actually think there wont be no ps4 before that time do believe the ps3 is in the drivers seat.

juuken4323d ago

Snuka...I know you're mad that the PS3 is about to take over but seriously, enough with the fat jokes man. They don't really faze me, they're not funny and you're wasting your breath. :/

Snukadaman4323d ago

Ahhh it eats into you juunken...and you know it...instead of the other way around huh......or you would of added your disagree and moved for the ps3 taking over...congratulations into moving into 2nd place or do you delusional droids think it will surpass the wii as well?

juuken4323d ago

*sigh* Snuka...give it up man. You're a loser. You're pathetic and you're stupid. No, I don't think the PS3 will catch up to the Wii anytime soon but anything's possible.

Now run along dear.

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unrealgamer584323d ago

gotta agree i love my 360 but the ps3 is just better for me please dont sisagrre my opinion

Figboy4323d ago

what to "sisagrre" is, so i'll just agree with you!

on a serious note, i know what you mean. i have a 360 and a PS3, and i play my PS3 more.

my fiance plays my 360 more, but she only plays Mass Effect. and Knights of the Old Republic.

Viktor E4323d ago

Is of course a Ferrari.

Viktor E4323d ago

Is of course a Compressed Beetle.

SmokingMonkey4323d ago

i think i see some smoke, what you just bought this thing?!

what do those lights mean? MY DISK IS SCRATCHED!
aawww now my tray is jammed..WHAT"S THAT NOISE!!!

Viktor E4323d ago

The Car would Explode once its put in 2nd Gear.

Obama4323d ago

It's a pink compressed beetle since 360 fanboys clearly have a preference of pink and purple stuff - see Halo3.

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The story is too old to be commented.