MGS-V Impressions after Playing the First Chapter

Mike at writes: "Ok, so I'll admit it, I have't been a huge Metal Gear fan in the past. I've played a couple of them, but it wasn't until I played Ground Zeros that I realized that this franchise could be exactly what I've been looking for for a long time! That being said, I lined up at midnight at picked it up at the launch. These are my first impressions of the game. I kept it as spoiler free as possible, but I do talk about the first chapter so if you don't want to know ANYTHING about what happens than you might not want to read further..."

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Scatpants1327d ago

I felt there was a little too much crawling in the first chapter.

axerated1327d ago

Whether intentional or not, your comment made me laugh

Scatpants1327d ago

I think he meant it as a joke because every time you would stand up he would have another reason you had to crawl.

phoenixwake1327d ago

Ummm, you mean the tutorial chapter where you spend 90% on the floor, defenseless?

Yeah, it was striking and cinematic, but guy, that doesn't even give you a hint of what the real game is like. The open-world gameplay is extremely unscripted and totally different than in the intro. Not to say either is bad, but they're just totally different.

KyRo1326d ago

The prologue was a true MGS experience though. The main game is stripped of its identity and is pretty much a third person Far Cry.