SCE director hints at new Home details for Leipzig

SCE's UK Managing Director Ray Maguire has given a few insights concerning Sony's plans for the Leipzig Game Convention later this month as well as post-mortem thoughts on E3.

First off, Maguire stated that Sony will most likely hold off on showing anything new on God of War III, MAG, and inFamous.

"I've seen them, but I don't think we'll even show them at the Games Convention in Leipzig," he said.

However, for those looking forward to more news on PlayStation Home and its prospective launch date, Maguire hinted that they may have something in store for people at the convention.

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stormymctard4323d ago

please tell me u guys are going to release it on Christmas but i dont think that will happen but please just give us the open beta already and a launch date i could careless really if it is 09 just give us the damn beta

cahill4323d ago

I mean SONY is so confident and why not LBP is easily the biggest game this year and perhaps in this millenium

so SONY thinks delaying HOME wont have any major impact

Serg4323d ago

Why should it have any major impact, everyone who owns a PS3 hasn't bought it just for Home and wouldn't sell the PS3 because of another delay and buy a Hot Rrod.

Sure people will get mad, but they will calm down again. Releasing the open beta while it is still in the build up phase will do more damage than good. Think about it, 10+ Million PSN users would download it and the first impression wouldn't be as great as promised, at least half of them wouldn't care if it's not finished yet, they would probably get disappointed with that even more than with another delay.

I can tell you, I can't wait to get my hands on it, but I'd rather wait for the finished product instead of getting something like The Witcher (was finished about 6 months after the actual release and people had to download a one gigabyte patch).

cahill4323d ago

But do bring us fresh news not stale ones

iggypop1234323d ago

thanks for the info. now there is no reason to watch what they have to say. no god of war means i could care less what they have to say

jkhan4323d ago

Wait a second! Did he just say that they won't be showing God of War 3, MAG or Infamous at Leipzig:|
I mean whats the point of having that conference if you aren't gonna come out with your big guns.:|

pwnsause4323d ago

because they have 12 new announcements, ROFL did you forget that

tetsuhana4323d ago

Maybe they have NEW big guns.

thor4323d ago

That's good news - it means all the announcements are concerning new stuff, not just release dates/gameplay footage of those games so we will have even more to look forward to.

RAM MAGNUMS4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )


Everytime I watch the killzone2 8 minute video
my dik gets so hard!

Every bullet counts!
every animation!
the way you kill them!
the magnum!

Dam I just busted on myself.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4322d ago

That bit in KillZone 2(think it's the 8 minute one)where the Building Blows up!!!
;-P ;-P ;-P
I have never seen anything like that in a game before!!! ;-P
Me got HARD to!!! ;-o
AMAZING!!! Er KillZone 2 not me getting Hard bit! ;-D

I want a Date for 'HOME' please, thats all;)

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