IGN: Skate 2 Q&A

Last year, EA Black Box flip kicked the skateboarding game genre and dethroned the longtime and formerly untouched leader, Activision's Tony Hawk franchise, with the simply titled Skate. The game's Flickit control mechanics and essentially completely open progression system brought it closer to the actual sport than any attempt before it.

The studio is now at work on the follow-up, Skate 2. While it's being hush-hush on some of the bigger elements of the game, like the online play, video recording and even the story progression, IGN was able to get a few answers from Scott Blackwood, executive producer on the title.

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Sanhlami4393d ago

Awesomeness. Just when you think skate can't get any better. Bigger environment, better physics, movable objects, (and probably better multiplayer). WOOh