Forza 6 Might Erase Forza 5 From Existence | IGN


“Hey Forza, have you been working out? You look like you bulked up."

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Rookie_Monster1329d ago

Ign "Meanwhile, Drivatars are unpredictable right out of the box now because millions of them have been trained by Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 players over the past two years."

You know that is also part of the Live cloud compute and this in turn make for better AI and infinite possibilities for racing challenges. Can't wait to play the demo tonight.

sammarshall1021329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Forza 6 looks like the most advanced racing game with 24 cars on 1 track, 26 locales, rain, 60 fps, and A.I from the cloud

LA-Z-BOY-_-1329d ago

The Most advanced Racing game is Project Cars PC Version on ultra settings. Thats a true Fact my friend go check it out

Pixelart1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Yes that is true. It's not subjective so lol at your disagrees, nothing comes remotely close to PC's physics.. Except Forza (non Horizon) does a stellar job.
If only PC`s had modding and a decent production car line up.
Still, both Forza and PC`s together quench my racing sim thirst.
I'm still looking forward to Forza 6 and have been since the disappointment of F5.
Hopefully GT7 can step up to the challenge too.

FlexLuger1329d ago

"as a day-one launch title for a brand-new console – Forza 5 delivered a hell of a game, even if it was a bit light on cars and tracks.2

Needed to be said. The 'worst' forza game was still better than other racing games prior to FH2. we talk about FM5 being light on content, but it still had 200 cars. That is still more than most modern racers.

"I spent two hours playing the final build of Forza 6, and I’m already reasonably confident that I’ll never want or need to play Forza 5 again."

This is music to my ears though.

My digital ultimate edition is is pro ordered. Just a matter of counting down the days now :)

crazychris41241329d ago

5 did feel like a prologue. Didn't take that next gen step that I was hoping for. Forza 6 looks like the next gen Forza motorsport we have all been waiting for. Gonna try out the demo later to see for myself.

beereal3601329d ago

By far the best racing franchise and the fact that it doesn't take 5 years to make one.

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