Wii Leading Market as 2nd System a Good Problem to Have

Id Software's John Carmack has laughed off suggestions that Nintendo will care about being a lot of gamers' 'second system' after a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Asked how Nintendo could overcome that - or even if they want to or care to - Carmack laughed and told Eurogamer, "Yeah! Do they have to? They're selling more, making more money selling more units. Good problem to have!"

Nintendo has raced to a leadership position in the so-called console war between itself and Sony and Microsoft, recently announcing that worldwide sales of the console have nearly reached 30 million - not that much less than Xbox 360 and PS3 sales combined.

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Silogon4393d ago

I know what problem I don't wanna have and that's those absurd glasses and hair do he's got. WOW!

ChickeyCantor4393d ago

Show your "pretty" face then...

Tacki4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

At any moment John could go into a telephone booth, come out and kick everyone's ass!

donator4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

No one can deny the success of the Wii or the impact it has had on the gaming industry. But I honestly can't put it in the same category as the PS3 or the Xbox 360. It's like pitting a Toyota Corolla against an SUV and a truck. It just does not belong in the what we know as the console war.

Voiceofreason4393d ago

People need to stop the lame comparisons. It's one video game console competing against 2 other consoles for market share.

mikeslemonade4393d ago

The Wii is like what Jack Tretton said it is the gateway drug into gaming. It introduces many new gamers and they eventually will buy into the PS2, PSP, PS3, or 360.

stormymctard4393d ago

wth u dont work for ms and now ur talking alot ms employees are the only ones that i have seen over load there a$$

ape0074393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

70% of wii owners are casuel gamers my friend

just play casuel games

they don't know anything about mgs,gta,cod.gears

that sucks for the industry

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The story is too old to be commented.