Consumers delaying Blu-ray purchases, can't find value proposition

Darren Murph writes:

"You just have to love the mixed messages, don't you? On one hand, you've got research asserting that Blu-ray simply isn't gaining the desired amount of traction since the demise of HD DVD; on the other, you've got numbers showing that BD adoption actually is on the up and up. So, which is it?"

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Silogon4314d ago

Gotta love it. This one says Blu-ray is failing, the one two stories down says it has took the UK by storm!

Lucreto4314d ago

Funny thing is people who say "no plans to purchase one" and "don't see the difference" haven't actually seen the clarity but one you do you never go back.

aiphanes4314d ago

Upscalling is no way near bluray 1080p quality...Bluray sound and video is superior....Most new HDTVs are 1080p...and the price is less than $1000 now for a 42 inch 1080p black friday 2008, you will see bluray player, discs, 1080p HDTVs, and PS3 purchases skyrocket..

Bluray is here and is here to win over the masses...there just needs to be a sub $200 player...and that is comming soon.

beoulve4314d ago

err DVD sales is declining and blu-ray sales are up since last year.

ITR4312d ago

Depends on what's being released that week for DVD.
When 21 hit, DVD saw a 3.31 percent increase.

I think what hurts BD is the price per disc.
If they can get it to within a few buxs of DVD, I think it would sell better.

What's going to really hurt BD uptake IMO will be the introduction of 1080p content from DTV and Dish this yr. and next. Both will have broadcasts in 1080p and VOD in 1080p by the end of this yr.