Ed Boon knows Mortal Kombat will be better than Street Fighter

Destructoid writes: "The guys at ArsTechnica have recently done their part to help rekindle the feud between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Years ago, when Mortal Kombat was shiny, new, and very gory Ed Boon and Capcom had quite the verbal sparring match. At this year's Comic-Con, it looks as if Boon is not ready to hang up his gloves quite yet. When asked by Eurogamer if Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe was still in the running against the Street Fighter series, Boon had this to say:

'I think just from the history, we do. I think we'll kick their ass.... we're a wilder ride-a big rollercoaster ride-and they're a little bit tamer.'

Capcom community manager Seth Killian had this when prompted at Capcom's booth:

'You can't touch the mechanics of Street Fighter, and [SFIV] is really channeling back the classic mechanics that ignited the world... Mortal Kombat was riding the coattails of Street Fighter then, and I think Mortal Kombat may be riding the tails of Street Fighter as we move into 2009.'

Personally, I'm a bigger Mortal Kombat fan. Street Fighter IV is looking very smooth, but I'll take split-punches and spears over fireballs any day of the week. What do you guys prefer?"

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Silogon4314d ago

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Oh, boy... I gotta hahahahahahaahahahahahahhaahah hahahahahahahahahah

Man, this is was just too much. Mortal Kombat better than Street Fighter, ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha

socomnick4314d ago

:/ Mortal Kombat always bowed down to street fighter and it always will.

Seriously how does he think that a new Authentic street fighter is worse than a crap mortal kombat spinoff. lol

Street Fighter >Killer Instinct >>>>> Mortal Kombat.

Gambit074314d ago

SF2/3 are still played in tournaments today, MK not so much. MK has always been for casual fighting fans and SF more for hardcore.

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The story is too old to be commented.