Masculinity and Square Enix: Where Is My Chest Hair?

"I'd hope most of you have played at least one of the many Final Fantasy games. The men represented in these games are more often than not easily confused with fairly attractive women." Enough said.

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ice_prophecy4327d ago

They do it like that because they like to appeal to the shoujo community because of they absolutely love bishi's

Kami4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

not only them. its most of the japanese people.

OFF TOPIC:when i was first getting into the Visual kei music i thought some of the guys were girls... and then i felt so violated.
EXAMPLE below: what is this person, men or women?

squallheart4326d ago

lol same thing happened to me listened to this group and thought that girl is hot then found out it was a guy O.O then i thought work it girl?

La Chance4327d ago

got to stop with the "girly" looking men.The guys in FF12 looked half man half woman.Its always the same kinda looking guys.Maybe in Japna thats cool but not here in the West.

I was dissapointed with the design of the main hero in Star Ocean 4.But FF13 design for the characters look great.

I know those times a long time gone but I wouldnt mind a next gen rpg with that old school kind of design FF9 for instance had.That would be simply great.

Dream Machine4327d ago

I like the fact some games exist that don't force you to become a testosterone-addled mess. However I am glad that FFXIII while still having gender ambiguity, has diversified from the Vaan-esque design. Although everyone seems to forget about how cool Balthier looked in XII.

kwicksandz4326d ago

i noticed there was 2 baltheirs in FF12

In the FMV there was a very bi gender baltheir with a girly facial structure and hair.

Whilst the ingame model was more masculine and the voice actor was top notch!

mistertwoturbo4326d ago

I don't know, Basch looks pretty "manly" except the clothes they made him wear.

Vojkan4326d ago

thats what Japanese find attractive, if you dont like it or dont agree, who is made by Japanese folks so they are gonna make it the way they want.
Starship big boots troopers on steroids is something reserved for Americans and their steroid calidoniya governor Arnold ....

mistertwoturbo4326d ago

Gears of War is a better example

squallheart4326d ago

for some reason i find the character designs of gears of war more feminine than the final fantasy ones you know in that he butch come over here and pick up my soap. Like they are over compensating or something o.O;;; i think i just lost my self in thought.

ChickeyCantor4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Well its always the "pretty" looking guys being heroes.

But Art from the old FF, is totally different from lets say FF7

Also why did he put an actuall girl character between the pictures?
But good luck with crappy chest hair renders =D XD

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