Too Human Is Detailed Norse Epic

EON writes

"Los Angeles- Gamers have been awaiting the "Too Human Golden" title for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game system for a long time.

Gaming purists will tell you about some of the history, others who are totally impressed with the action role-playing-game and sprawling graphics will remind you of the length of time this title has been expected and been in development.

The newest Xbox 360 game is a big, extensive well drawn and constructed game based on Norse mythology and it has been worth the wait."

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Silogon4393d ago

The bias, the bias. These idiots don't care about the amount of work that goes into making 60 bucks today and then throwing it away on a garbage ass game, do they?

These same people, incidentally, are the ones who said MGS4 was a yawner. Go figure. Bias bliss at it's finest hour.

TheXgamerLive4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

It's totally action packed and a hell of alot of fun to play and to "watch".

But the sony wannabe fan girls are always crying wolf aren't(you)they.

Boldy4393d ago

Have you ever thought that they have different tastes in games than you do? Not everyone likes and dislikes the same games, except Vampire Rain I think everyone can agree that one officially sucked.

elitewh0re4393d ago

@ Boldy, haha i think all sides of the fanwar can agree on that! :D

elitewh0re4393d ago

i cant wait for this to come out, i love mythology based games, god of war, age of mythology, titan quest. looking forward to rise of the argonauts when that comes out.. exciting times!

FCOLitsjustagame4393d ago

I agree, loved Age of Mythology and am really looking forward to both this and the argonauts.