Game Informer Talks With Siren: Blood Curse's Producer

If you've downloaded Siren: Blood Curse and wondered why the installation process was so tedious, you're not alone. The game consists of 12 episodes, which can be purchased simultaneously or in three chapters of four episodes. No matter how you buy them, though, each episode has to be downloaded and installed individually-a process that can take nearly an hour. What gives?

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Silogon4319d ago

I love how people are making a big deal about the 9 gb of data it takes from the ps3's hdd. Yet, these some morons are the one's who gave GTA4 a 10 and said it's the best game ever, knowing it took a 5 gb install and that was just the data. not the game itself, which was only 7 gb.

Do the math, morons.

Siren is 10x's the game and 100x's worth more of your HDD space than GTA 4 or any mandatory install is.