Square Enix Reveals Their Full TGS 2015 Lineup; Final Fantasy XV To Get New Trailer And Stage Event

Square Enix has revealed their full lineup for TGS 2015, which is currently set to start on September 17th in Japan. It is also confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will get a Stage Event at TGS along with a brand new trailer.

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bouzebbal1329d ago

new trailer AGAIN?
isn't it better to release it already?

Meryl1329d ago

If it's not completed or still has bugs then it's better SE take their time to make this masterpiece.

bouzebbal1329d ago

so you already say it's gonna be a masterpiece before you even play it. Ok the damo was good but tbh it's far from giving me the same feeling as old good episodes.
They have been working on it forever and a release date would be more than welcome right now..

Eiyuuou1329d ago

If you desire an unfinished project.

Magicite1329d ago

But its better than nothing?

3-4-51329d ago

Solid lineup of games.

trywizardo1329d ago

what's world of final fantasy ?!

Kalebninja1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

It's like...a weird but awesome looking, sorta chibi game. just check it out idk. the graphics are actually really good for what it is, kind of reminds me of kingdom hearts.

trywizardo1329d ago

dammit , I hate these kind of games -_-
I thought its gonna be like XIV (MMO game)

Kurisu1329d ago

FFXV has been confirmed for 2016 so here's hoping that the TGS trailer will give us an ACTUAL release date!

Eiyuuou1329d ago

Didn't they say that they would reveal the release dat in March?

Kurisu1329d ago

Oh did they? I must have missed that!

SouljAx3601329d ago

FF11? Caught me off guard when I seen PS2 on there. I would've thought they would go full FF14 by now.

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