Another video – FAST Racing Neo multiplayer footage

Multiplayer footage of Fast Racing Neo.

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Locknuts2591d ago

Holy crap how do they keep that at 60fps in split screen.

Nevers0ft2591d ago

Shin'en have always produced technically impressive games and it looks like they're keep up with that tradition here. Hopefully it plays as good as it looks... I think many of us need to scratch that F-Zero or Wipeout itch.

wonderfulmonkeyman2591d ago

Third parties could learn a lot about developing great Wii U games from Shin-En.

Nevers0ft2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It comes from a desire to hammer the hardware until it bleeds. Shin'en are ex demo-sceners from the Amiga and PC who went under the name Abyss: http://www.the-leaders-of-t... - similar to how some of the founders at DICE were members of The Silents, another Amiga demo group from the 80/90s:

It's in their DNA to push the hardware as hard as they can :)

Munnkyman2591d ago

Nintendo should really let them develop a game for them