Konami Congratulates and acknowledges Kojima and his studio

Konami has sent out a congratulatory tweet to Kojima

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Am-No-Hero1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

A Hideo Kojima Game

KONAMI you can't hide it forever :)

Jalva1329d ago

MGSV is a Hideo Kojima game? What a revelation! I can't believe Konami kept this a secret from us gamers for so long!

Am-No-Hero1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Yeah man , it blew my mind !

-_- A Hideo Kojima Game

XBLSkull1328d ago Show
donthate1328d ago


I agree with you. I think this whole drama is created in the minds of Kojima fanboys too.

chrisco84au1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

@XBLSkull -
Maybe the first time I have agreed with you :) well said bubble my friend.

We don't know both sides to the story (EVERY STORY HAS TWO SIDES). Heck we don't even know the full story. Hopefully one day an amazing documentary is made and we can watch and see how the whole thing went down. Which will probably end up with Konami looking like douches, but none of us really know.

As for now - Enjoy the master piece MGS V that KOJIMA made and KONAMI funded and published (with thier money, which involves risks within itself, many bitter people seem to forget that).

Wait for the full story before passing judgement.

DarXyde1328d ago

It's only not a secret to informed gamers.

And for the typical, run of the mill "Its the Kojima fanboys, man!" replies to this, it actually is a pretty big deal to not receive credit for your work.

You lot may be too young to understand what I'm saying, but imagine doing independent research with a professor that is entirely your project and, just because they provide the laboratory space, only they are acknowledged in the publication. Even worse, if that publication turned out to be a huge deal. That is what has happened here.

Neither of you strike me as scholars, so perhaps my example does not really register with you the same way it would for me.

If Konami wants to get rid of Kojima, cool. It means he's a free agent and can still make amazing games. But when your identity is cut out of your Magnum Opus, that is totally legitimate grounds to be upset.

XBLSkull1328d ago

Are you serious? Kojimas name is plastered at the beginning and end of every single mission in the game. His name is everywhere, I don't know what some of you are talking about.

pinkcrocodile751327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Nice of Konami!, not played the game yet, I'm still playing through Ori and the Blind Forest and TLOU Remastered... What can I say, I'm a slow gamer, that or easily distracted.

OK, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Konami owns the IP - YES?

Konami paid Kojima to create the game and funded development - YES?

Then Konami and Kojima have an alleged falling out / parting of ways with the developer / Studio once the development was complete - YES/NO?

So, whats the problem?

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Bennibop1328d ago

Believe me when you are playing MG:TPP you will know its a Kojima game! You are reminded of it between each mission, his name is on boxes etc.

Eonjay1328d ago

Lol @ that.
I think when you look at their most recent releases, nothing comes close to the acclaim this title has received. I think this proves beyond doubt that his departure is their loss.

aLucidMind1328d ago

Wasn't there an article a while back saying that Kojima intentionally plastered his name everywhere in this installment? Well... more than usual lol.

DarXyde1328d ago

Indeed. Just got done playing for the day and they went in hard with the acknowledgements. I wonder if they did that so you get sick of seeing it. I'm being cynical of course, but you never know.

Side note: I'm slightly sad that I did not get a Day One copy with the CE.

Then again,a steel book case always makes up for it.

assdan1328d ago

They could have put his name on the cover still.

Hold_It1328d ago

Get over it and play the game. It's amazing.

Hold_It1328d ago

Mfw Yfw Metal Gear Solid 4 doesn't say A Hideo Kojima game on the box and no one complains about it.

WellyUK1328d ago

Play the game. It's all over it.

r2oB1328d ago

@ ermac

Although it doesn't specifically say "A Hideo Kojima game", on the back of MGS4 it says produced by Hideo Kojima.

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Scatpants1328d ago

This game should be in the Guinness book of world records for most times a director's name is mentioned in a game. It seriously is on the screen every 20 minutes.

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FallenAngel19841328d ago

The damage has already been done Konami, and it won't stop hurting

comebackkid98911328d ago

Still firmly renounce till silent hills is re-announced.

Bimkoblerutso1328d ago

I'm pretty sure they're not going to start hurting until they stop making tons of money off of brand whoring and their crappy pachinko machines.

There is no justice in this world.

Scatpants1328d ago

They actually make slot machines for American casinos also.

WitWolfy1328d ago

They already killed the golden goose. Sucks to be them... SCEJ its time to snatch this talented man up and give a comfortable and awesome studio to expand on his talented story telling capabilities.

RedDeadLB1328d ago

I'd rather Kojima stays independent so all of us can enjoy his future work.

BG115791328d ago

I don't see Kojima stay independent for to long, there are a lot of companies that are interested in his talent.
Rumors are saying that EA and Ubi are the most interested. They surely aren't the only ones.

Sevir1328d ago

He'll be indipendent. and he'll partner with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and make exclusives with them Given his long standing partnerships with Sony and Ninty. it'll likely be one of them first before he MS.

Entonations1328d ago

I love that his most recent games are on pc, and it would suck if his next ones weren't.

Scatpants1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

If Sony or Microsoft doesn't grab this guy and give him his own 1st party studio with full creative control then they are retarded.

UltraNova1328d ago

Don't you think he has to agree to that first?

Would you want to be trapped again under a massive Corporation when you recently just escaped from one?

I don't know if going independent would help his over the top ambitions/ideas either due to AAA development and marketing costs which will certainly mean exclusive deals with major publishers like EA, Ubi or god forbid Activision (if he wants his game to be multiplat).

With that said, I m sure after all these years under Konami the man knows exactly what he wants and more importantly what he doesn't, in order to have as much creative freedom and the final say on his future endeavors.

If I was him I would take some serious time off first.

chrisx1328d ago

I guess the overwhelming positivity surrounding the game is begining to open a few eyes at Konami...potential re-union on the horizon? whichever can't wait to see hideos new projects

Summons751328d ago

After everything they've done? No amount of back peddling or PR politeness will ever bring them back to even a semi-decent place in the industry.

chrisx1328d ago

Yea sure, cuz u have the power of fore sight and can clearly see the future

FullmetalRoyale1328d ago

Didn't stop me from buying The Phantom Pain. If they release another game of this caliber, you can be the one holding a grudge, and I'll be enjoying a great game.

LightofDarkness1328d ago

I would personally love to see Konami offer a return to him and get shot down. I hope he takes a few ringers with him and a western publisher gives him the budget and freedom to create AAA games in the manner he desires. Western, because Japanese publishers have been forsaking the AAA space and their sense of artistry in favour of mobile gaming and get rich quicker schemes for the last few years. He's always made games targeted at the west in his uniquely Japanese way and thus he should be catered for by the market that feeds him.

We'll all miss MGS, but he has stated without question that this will be his last Metal Gear. He wants to do something else, and we should all give him the grace to do so, that which he has earned dozens of times over. I'd love to see a spiritual successor to ZOE on the next gen consoles and PC.

DragonKnight1328d ago

Don't count on a reunion. Kojima definitely wants to make other stuff, and if he came back to Konami they'd force him to make more MGS.

_-EDMIX-_1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

?? It seems many have no clue why this situations happened. They are merely making a public statement regarding his game.

Nothing has changed, Konami didn't just make some mistake and think MGSV wouldn't do well, they CHOOSE to not support AAA consoles games any more, period.

This is not going to all of a sudden make them want to do more AAA games as if they had no clue games sell and make money.

They don't want to deal with years and years of development. They want fast returns on mobile.

I'm legit not sure why anyone thinks that it was just some simple mistake. Leave your emotions at the door, this is business.

They made a call and they are clearly sticking to it as they already started cancelling games and letting staff go.

Where did you hear it was some sort of ignorant understanding of gaming or some emotional fall out?

"overwhelming positivity surrounding the game" was there not for MGS4? Was there not for P.T? A game the legit set the internet on fire?

I you guys not understand that Konami is not having a personal fallout with him, they are not doing AAA games as a business move?

They don't want to do those games anymore, it wasn't some mistake, it was clearly deliberate, they are merely paying respects to the director as they part ways....thats all.

They don't want to be in the high grade game industry anymore. One would be ignorant to even assume so, it only shows that many have no idea what they are taking about regarding the situation as they feel Konami is just BEGGING to return to glory....

Of a damn situation they've started years ago. They are going mobile, thats it. I'm not even sure how one can come to a conclusion that they even slightly wanted to continue what they've been doing for decades, as if they never meant to make the move to mobile to begin with.

BoNeSaW231328d ago

Thank you for your comment. I Wish everyone would read it and stop coming up with their own Kojima conspiracy theories. It WAS just business.

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Tornado1328d ago

It says "A Hideo Kojima Game" in the background haha. Can't wait to play the game, thanks Kojima!