Rage and id's Love/Hate Relationship with the PS3

Last night John Carmack took to the stage at QuakeCon and inadvertently ignited a fanboy flamewar.

id's upcoming open-world shooter Rage, he told the assembled gamers, will look worse on the Xbox 360 because of storage issues.

I asked id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead about that this morning, now that the comment has had time to sink into gaming forums worldwide.

"That's a pretty gross over simplification," he said. And it was. In fact Carmack's and Hollenshead's views on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as platforms are fairly complex. While Carmack has long said he thinks that the architecture of the Xbox 360 is better, it sounds like he and others at id Software feel that the PS3 has done a much better job of future proofing.

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Light Yagami4327d ago

You heard it there xtards. PS3 is more future proof thanks to blu-ray. You bots are getting a gimped version. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

shazam4327d ago

open zone is fun

fukedy fuk fuk fuk the fukbox fuk60 with its sh|tty 6.5g dvd 9s

THC CELL4327d ago

p1ss box is finished
10 year baby woooo

jwatt4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

This is basically what developers have been saying since the beginning. The ps3 and 360 are both very powerful but both have thier strengths and weaknesses. Capacity is one of the ps3's strengths.

RememberThe3574327d ago

I think its interesting to hear a developer actually talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each console.

It's also important to note that id said; "Let me be clear, this is an open question, we have these tech issues and we are working with Microsoft to solve them." This mean that if MS offers to help, they may be able to make the graphics equal to the PS3 and PC versions.

chaosatom4327d ago

Even if you were able to install some of Rage’s game data onto the 360’s hard drive you’d still have to switch discs because apparently only 1/3 of the game fits onto one 9GB DVD, essentially meaning that it’s roughly a 27GB game.

You can’t install 27GB (or even 20GB) of game data onto the 360’s hard drive because the 360 only has 13GB of user space on a brand new, completely unused, “20GB” hard drive. The other 7GB is used for the operating system.

They mentioned that they were discussing the possibility of streaming game data over Xbox Live and while that’s probably the only way they could get away with not making 360 users switch discs, it’s a complete shot in the dark. Could Xbox Live actually handle such a pipeline without clogging up and breaking down on users mid-game? Would Microsoft actually allow for such a huge bandwidth destroying pipeline to be installed? Does id Software really want to limit their user base like that? All of that is stupidly doubtful.

Basically, 360 users are getting screwed with Rage. Sony should buy timed exclusitivity from id Software just to pour a little salt in Microsoft’s wound.

StayHigh4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I agreed both system is powerful, but PS3 have the edge over the 360..Didn't Carmack himself said that the PS3 is powerful, but its hard to tap in to it ..He even admit Rage is looking better on the PS3 right now then the 360 version..Everybody doubted Sony by putting a Blu-Ray player it looks like they got the last laugh..

Its crazy that most big games will come out on multiple disk on the 360..

FF13 will probably be on 4 disks on the 360 version..

Do anyone think that GTAIV would of been a better game if its a PS3 exclusively?

morganfell4327d ago

According to Carmack, strength was one of the PS3's strengths. It's weakness was the dev tools. That was at the launch of the PS3 when those remarks were made. But oh how times have changed. Now Sony has the tools AND the power.

Tarasque4327d ago

Then they should have an option for the people that have the elite or the bigger harddrive to do a full install. And by the time this game is out the new xbox will be out anywho only a year and half away, 2010 baby bring it on.

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Dark vader4327d ago

Good to see that other people realize that the ps3 is in it for the long run. And that sony was not was not lying to us when they was talking about a 10 year life cycle.

Max Power4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

that while it (the PS3) isn't as powerful as claimed, Sony, made the correct gamble in delaying the PS3 for Blu-Ray. While they haven't had the start that everyone was expecting they are still with in the pace that was set by its predecessor, PS2, which went on to, and continues to, sell extremely well. I feel that it is only a matter of time before developers completely get their head around the complex architecture of the PS3 to maximize the Cell.

Tarasque4327d ago

10 year outdated life cycle. Come on be foreal here, once the new xbox hit's in 2010 you think sony will wait another 5 to 6 year's to release a new machine. Won't happen sorry.

cmrbe4327d ago

FYI the 10 year cycle is the time frame that Sony will support the PS3 and not in anyway mean they will wait another 10 years to release the PS4. Expect the PS4 around the end of 2012. Wise up.

Coke4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Stick crap in a box, you market it, then you begin selling it, that's all Microsoft did.

Mr Fancy Pants4327d ago

well not exactly crap because the X360 and Ps3 games are looking almost the same, with the plus that the X360 it's easier to program but the Ps3 has blu-ray to compensate that.

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