PlayStation 3 and Wii to Be Sold on Amazon

It was about time for the PlayStation 3 to become more available. This could happen sooner than you think, courtesy of Amazon. Moreover, let us not forget the Wii, because Nintendo's next-gen will become available too, on Amazon.

Crunchgear reports that - "in the coming" days - both Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii will become available for purchase on Amazon. They say that they have received this information from a reliable source, although that reliable source does not reveal the exact date of this Amazon sale.

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UrbanJabroni4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Guess what? This "more available" selection of PS3s that is _rumored_ is going to last TWO SECONDS before Amazon sells out the little number of units they get. He's making it sound as if all of a sudden supply problems will be fixed and, as long as they "update their servers", lots of people will get one. I'm getting sick of the idiocy of the internet.

He then goes on to state that if the $100 360 sale crashed amazon, then "Taking into account that the PS3 and Wii are far more wanted than the Xbox 360 at this point"

Guess what, again? A $100 360 was responsible for THE SINGLE LARGEST TRAFFIC SURGE IN AMAZON history. It has NOTHING to do with "demand", it has everything to do with an amazing deal.

eepiccolo4350d ago

Amen brother, preach on!

PS360PCROCKS4350d ago

I would surely hope Amazon would be getting more, I mean come on Sony is releasing 1.5 million in Japan and America in the next two weeks haven't you heard?

OutLaw4350d ago

I'm not trying to be funny but don't the PS3 make the Wii look like a DS in that picture.

Blackmoses4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

It truly bewilders me how two people can read the very same article and interpret it in two entirely different ways. First off the writer in no way made it seem that Sony has some how fixed it's supply chain and has managed to mass produce their units to the amounts that would guarantee everyone in the natural free world to be able to get one. That's just plain stupidity if you thought that. Secondly he mentions Nintendo’s Wii being sold in the same manner, darn near in the same sentence. Thirdly, yes to all you Microsoft and Sony faithful or whatever you call yourselves, the Xbox 360 deal on Amazon was a great buy (if you managed to be one of the lucky ones) but….it wasn’t because the product was a Xbox 360, just that it was a great deal. So for you (you meaning UrbanJabroni) to think that, that was the single isolated reasoning behind the crash is utterly absurd. To even hint on that being the possibility was rather irritating to read. Mark my words… will crash again because the items they are choosing to sell are at this point and time are “must haves” this holiday season. Only because there are so few in quantity and that this is the biggest shopping season of the year. Just like the Tickle Me Elmo Doll, the Cabbage Patch Kids and those stupid little Beanie Babies. So please, please stop being such a narrow minded fanboy and stop trying to create conflict and turmoil when there really isn’t any need. If all of you would just take the time and read the articles for what there worth and stop trying to read more into them than there really is you can prevent yourself from sounding like a fool.
Never pick sides…Power to the Gamers!

UrbanJabroni4350d ago

That you would read my comments as fanboyism and misread everything I said using your own filter.

"but….it wasn’t because the product was a Xbox 360, just that it was a great deal"

Ummm, isn't that exactly what I said with " It has NOTHING to do with "demand", it has everything to do with an amazing deal. "

"to think that, that was the single isolated reasoning behind the crash is utterly absurd. "

Guess what, Amazon stated that demand for that bundle (FOR THE F'ng DEAL, like I said) WAS THE SOLE REASONING BEHIND THE CRASH.

You are the ONLY person on the site who has accused me of causing turmoil...EVER. Most would find me relatively fair, as I own all three consoles and see the positives and negatives. Your whopping seven comments show your severe bias.

And next time try some paragraphs, as your comments are impossible to read.

I'm proud to say that thanks to the FireFox custom html addon, I have officially been able to remove every post that has your name from my viewing experience. I recommend others try.

Blackmoses4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Yeah my six comments that I have made compared to your what?!! 365 pages of comments that you have made...c'mon get a life!!!

Look don't start off as if you have any kind of literary skill, much less the slightest clue as to the proper structure of a sentence and or paragraph. After spending a majority of my day doing just that I consider it a relaxing pleasure to come and make an occasional post here and there without worry of someone’s half minded attempts to point out others punctuation and grammatical errors. Especially when they really didn’t have much of a leg to stand up on to begin with, but I understand. Most people divert to simple childish tactics when they feel threaten.

Judging by your astonishing 365 PAGES of post you have made thus far, it leads me to believe that you presumably have no life what so ever, since you are on here every other day posting and commenting as much as you do.

I’m sorry I can’t get on here everyday with and continuously spar with you day and night over seemingly childish topics, but quite frankly…It’s beneath me. Let me’s your job right?!! This is what you do for a living?!! LOL!!!!!!!

Video games were intended to be fun. So for me to sit here and create another 358 pages of posts to argue over something with you that is supposed to give us all enjoyment….well you’re on your own.

So yeah, go ahead!! Block all of my comments so you will never be able to read them again, but I will bet you one thing. When I’m back on here in say another couple of months and feel the urge to post again over something relevant, I will damn near guarantee that I will be reading a response to this one.

So excuse me if I laugh ahead of time, but you really do humor me.

Oh! By the way “How you like those paragraphs”
Never pick sides…Power to the Gamers!