9 Coolest Things About Mad Max

It's easy for some people to see Mad Max and pass it off as another movie-based game with little appeal or poor quality, but there are some really cool things about this title that make it really stand out.

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Adexus2121d ago

I'm loving it so far, the combat is satisfyingly brutal, and requires precise timing, I tried playing it like Batman and got my ass handed to me.

Automatic792121d ago

Picking it up this weekend.

Adexus2121d ago

Nice! Already hope we get a sequel to this, probably around the same time the next Mad Max movie comes out I assume.

kneon2121d ago

Really? So far I'm finding the combat ridiculously easy.

Adexus2120d ago

I keep on getting hit even 7 hours in! lol I'm definitely a lot better at it than I was at the beginning though, I only seem to get hit when they swarm me and there's loads of them!