Are Gamers A Nation of Whiners?

In the U.S., a prominent politician recently stirred controversy by referring to the country as a "nation of whiners". There are no major wars or epidemics or catastrophes, there are record levels of peace and prosperity, continued acceleration of every type of technology, comfort, convenience, and overall standard of living, and yet people still complain endlessly about the price of gas and find a million other nitpicks to moan about.

By the same token, have gamers become a similar group of whiners? Here are the top three moans of 2008:

Games are too expensive
Innovation is dead. There are too many sequels.
Journalism is horrible. Review scores are terminally flawed.

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TruthbeTold4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

This article seems to base its comparison on the assumption that the original U.S. "Whiners" comment was spot on when it was ridiculous. Whether it is life in general, or gaming, or whatever, if what someone else is doing or making possible threatens or forcibly changes another individuals chosen way of life/culture/ability to feel happy and fulfilled people get upset and voice their concerns.

Just because back in the day grandpa had to eat dirt twice a week and walk to school 10 miles through the snow, uphill both ways doesn't mean that I should be happy, content, or silent when the economy deems that I make less money and oil companies bend me over at the pump making it harder and harder for me to keep my head above water. The same holds true for gaming. If I am a gamer because I like certain types of games, then a company I support financially, who has stated that they care about my business throws crap at my face, I have the right to seek change by letting my discontent be known. Such companies are fortunate that I would communicate and don't just move on.

This doesn't mean that I am disgruntled in every way. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the good things going on in gaming right now. It simply means that enough bad/undesirable things are going on to invoke a response. The people who would quiet those who use their right to speak out by trying to ridicule them with their own complaints are the whiners.

"Hey! You aren't under constant threat of nuclear holocaust every second of every day like some were in the past! Be content with whatever crap that gets put on your plate!"

No thanks. It's my right and responsibility to work toward a better life for myself and anyone else my work touches.