A Jay and Silent Bob game?

Film director Kevin Smith says that he wouldn't mind seeing a Jay and Silent Bob game, but he's clear on the fact that he wouldn't like to make it himself.

"I'm really not good enough to pull it off," he told Yahoo's Hollywood Byte column. "Games is one field that I like to be entertained, rather than try to be entertaining."

That's not to say that it won't happen though, and apparently people have been telling him to do a game about his two most memorable creations "for years".

"I'd be all for it, but I'm just not the guy to do it. I'd be happy to write the back story for the game, but when it comes to what are the levels and challenges and bosses and things like that, I'm so not good at coming up with that kind of stuff," he added.

Smith's always been into games apparently, ever since he used to have Megadrive NHL tournaments with his friends. Recently he's been playing DS games...

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Monchichi0254323d ago

Why would anybody want to game about them?!?! Jay and Silent Bob SUCK!!! There movies are straight AWFUL!!!