Interview: EA On Console War, Activision and More

In this exclusive, GameDaily sit down with the head of the EA Games label, Frank Gibeau, who gives us his two cents on the MS, Sony and Nintendo announcements from E3, his thoughts on a rivalry with Activision, among other topics.

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Sarick4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

I agree with this EA guy. All in all he gives a very balanced view of how well all consoles are doing.

The only problem with this interview is it doesn't touch on the negative side of the game industry. As we all know the biggest stories that get the most attention aren't balanced and show a lot of positive or negatively towards the industry.

It's good to read something like this though because it ooens peoples minds to all the wonderful things going on and where the industry is headed in a positive way.

Wonderful, interview with a lot of good karma.