Microsoft's Don Mattrick Interview: All The Cards Out

WhatIfGaming interviews Microsoft's Don Mattrick.

Discusses: FFXIII Exclusivity, Avatar System, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Home and much more.

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Deviant4795d ago

nice and direct questions but he passes the true answers about the Miis; SO4 exclusivity and how much they had to pay.
got to agree though Sony has implement the trophies in all upcoming games.

NO_PUDding4795d ago

I call BS, Don wouldn't have let that interview slide if he actually asked that crap.

MazzingerZ4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Sounds way like a made up fanboy interview...but if true:

Why is it that MSFT always talk more about SONY than about their plans, facts, incoming games?...I read SONY's interviews because they talk to PS3 onwers about plans, current games, firmware updates, etc... they could easily point out the crappy HW Microsoft ships but it's not their style

MSFT?...not sure what to think...I read just as much about SONY as if Tretton was the one talking...oh well...after this fall XBL will be free...that's why the avatars, micro-transactions will do the trick, they can say whatever they want, as soon as SONY patches voice messaging and in-game chat MSFT won't be able to justify the XBL fee and that will be good for everbody

I think X360 owners knows what they have and SONY don't, XBL hasn't changed much since launch (not need to as it is a complete service) so why not to talk about games? I think that's more interesting for X360 onwers...what is cocming for the X360 rather than reading about what SONY doesn't have according to them... PS3 is just 5 million units behind the X360 despite of the 1 year advantage in the US/Japan and 1.5 years advantage in the PAL region...that talks more than whatever he can say...he can't stop sales with some words, gamers are not idiots

morganfell4795d ago

What do you get from a 360 achievement? Bragging rights. What do you get from a PS3 trophy. Bragging rights AND buying power.

deeznuts4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Why do I get the feeling all he did was ... Talk smack about Sony then lie about stuff MS is criticized about.

Avatar's since day one. Sure. Their 360 department can't keep anything quiet. Everything is leaked. yet this goes unnoticed for years. Years after Miis and Home is announced. Sure.

Oh and what's up with that picture up there, he looks like a fake ass Tom Cruise

morganfell4795d ago

What happened to that online store where I could sell T shirts and offer mods. Oh wait, the 360 doesn't do user mods...

KingME4795d ago

You guys crack me up. I can honestly say I have never seen such unnecessary hatred in my entire life til I can to n4g. The guy gave a plesant interview, answered the questions that he was asked, and some how you guys managed to pull some negative info out of it. Notice he said "UGLY" there is no ugly.

I really didn't ready anything negative that he said about Sony. What is the matter with you guys.

morganfell4795d ago

Nothing is the matter with us. The shoe is on the other foot and you don't like. Better get used to it. MS isn't coming back up for air this gen. And he didn't 'answer' the questions, he gave dodgy mouth piece responses.

juuken4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Every time I see his makes me want to punch the computer screen. I'm sorry but even though that was a pretty good interview, there's just something about him that irks me.

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Tinman14795d ago

P.s. glad to see NO_PUDding is Don's greatest and closest family member that he knows everything about him. Tosser. Don is a laid back guy. get used to it. "He invented avatars!"

socomnick4795d ago

Don doesn't seem like a bad guy. I'm starting to like the fellow.

Light Yagami4795d ago

Stealing stuff from competitors. That's what MS likes to do. They just can't come up with their own ideas. None of their games are innovative like the Wii's or PS3s.

Lucreto4795d ago

At least we know that MS didn't pay SE which is a good thing which means if things go south SE can pull the 360 version.

Daver4795d ago

loll do you really think he would answer that question....they sure did give them money

bleachrulez4795d ago

im sure m$ paid a good amount of money .. i mean a good good amount

La Chance4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

MSFY didnt pay for FF13 to go multiplat
why ?

- if they had payed it would be coming to Japan too where MSFT need it the most.Looks like its Square that refused to bring it to Japan.If MSFT had paid for it they would be in a postion of power and "force" a 360 Japan release too.

- FF 13 just costs way too much to be an exclusive on any console.I bet it wouldnt even be a 360 exclusive.360 and PS3 just dont have big enough install bases to have a game like FF13 as exclusive unless its a 1st party game like KZ2 for instance.

-Square OBVIOUSLY wanted to go multiplat too.Its just the perfect marriage : Square dying to go multiplat and MSFT on a mission to get any old playstation franchize , fastest way to get old ps2 gamers to to maybe get a 360.

-Theres really is no validf reason at all for Square to keep FF13 a PS3 exclsuive...really no reason at all.As for Star Ocean 4...well its the same so I guess their must be a deal with MSFT dor Star Ocean 4 exclusivity.

If MSFT did pay something I think it has to be something to do with the simultanious release.

morganfell4795d ago

I don't think they got a red cent from MS. If they had there would have been something in it besides a version of the game. The game is taking too long and SE is looking to recomp the costs. Wait until they start trying to figure out how to fit that game on DVD 9 discs and they tell MS to pony up discs 3 and 4.

SE and dumb don are just setting MS fans up to get trashed by PS3 owners when that news comes out. So listen up ogrekiller, when you come off looking dumb you know who to blame.

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