A Proposal to the 'Violence in Games' Problem

PC Gamer writes:

"We love videogames. Well, I know I love videogames. I imagine you love videogames, too, because you're reading this site, after all.

But we get it-we know that games are fun and safe, no matter how edgy the content is. And yet there are people-a lot of them-who are terrified that videogames will turn us all into violent, demented serial killers."

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RememberThe3574361d ago

Look at that generation they're fine! /sarcasm
But in all seriousness violent games are not going to make you a violent person. They may make you PUMPED or frustrated but they're not going to change who you are. Granted, Grand Theft Auto: San Andeas made me want to jack some cars, but I never did it! I'm not a thief, and some damn videogame (which was OFF THE HOOK!) isn't going to change that.